Sun-Times: Marist Brothers covering up homosexual clergy abuse

The Chicago Sun-Times continues its ongoing series about Catholic male religious orders covering up homosexual abuse of male teens by their members.

Published May 7 and appearing on the May 9 Sunday front page, “Marist Brothers Catholic order hid abuse by member who helped run Chicago school in the 1970s, suits say” focuses Chicago’s Marist High School.

Goodbye, Twitter

I launched Twitter this morning and got this message. I clicked appeal and almost immediately got an email saying it was denied.

I’m not giving a pinch of incense to their gods. I’m just walking away. I joined Gab as @ thefourmarks

UPDATE 5-7-21

I’m starting to have second thoughts. I miss the Catholics I followed on Twitter; they aren’t on Gab. Twitter keeps sending me “Highlights” emails showcasing tweets from people I followed. I also miss the Chicago-related accounts I followed on Twitter; there’s almost nothing local on Gab. It’s a lot of Republican Americans.

I appealed my two flagged tweets again on April 17, expressing my confusion at how a scientific study can be “hateful” and how a tweet specifically stating “out of love” can be hateful either. Nearly three weeks later, I haven’t heard back.

Should I bite the bullet? Would I be selling out?

UPDATE 5-23-21

I deleted the tweets on May 17, after a month of waiting for my appeal and no action. I’m rationalizing this as, I am not denying any tenets of the faith or apostatizing with this action. And neither tweet originated from any hatred. One explicitly stated, “out of love.”

So I’ve been lurking for the past week. Today’s Pentecost so I’m going to resume tweeting saints of the day, a practice that helps me start my day with the Church.

If it’s really true – my thoughts on Fr Phillips

If it’s really true, we need to pray.

We need to pray to Jesus Christ, sovereign priest, that this doesn’t turn out like another Fr John Corapi situation with an intransigent sinful priest.

We need to pray to Our Lady of Czestochowa that Fr Phillips serves out his final years in true repentance and atonement.

We need to pray to St John Vianney to intercede for the canons of the Canons Regular of St John Cantius, that they will persist in their vocations, and continue to attract new priests.

We need to pray for the intercession of the guardian angels of the parishioners of St John Cantius parish, that they hew close to the barque of Peter, no matter how fierce the waves crashing over it.

We need to pray to Our Lord for the other men involved, that they too will repent and atone.

We must not lose hope. We are all sinners. We are all capable of nearing the peak of the mountain, only to lose our footing and slide backwards, even tumbling head-over-heels and suffering serious, grievous injury.

It would be devastating, let’s be honest. Saturday night for me, after reading the news on Father John Zuhlsdorf’s blog… it felt like a family member died. How could this be? How could this man I regarded as a likely future saint possibly… And what fun our enemies will have.

We need to pray it isn’t true, but if it is, that he is forgiven.

St. John Cantius, pray for us, pray for Fr. C. Frank Phillips.

Thoughts on Morgan Freeman, homophobia and a**holes

Recently, a friend on Facebook shared the following image:

Morgan Freeman never actually said this. Snopes says this is false. It is fake.

But I wanted to comment on the quote, regardless of its origin.

First: I probably AM homophobic. I am scared of falling back into mortal sin related to same sex attraction, whether that sin is by thought or by deed. I fear that many souls will be lost because of the promotion of homosexuality and all the vice that accompanies it. It’s bad, people. I lived the “gay lifestyle.” I am a homo. I know what it’s about. I am afraid of homosexuality (and you should be too!).

Second: Let us shift to the subject of a**holes.

If I call you an a**hole, I’m insulting you. I’m making an analogy comparing you to something that is dirty, unclean, smelly, etc. Feces, folks. That’s what comes out of a**holes. Nobody calls you an a**hole as a compliment, or out of charity.

Now ponder this. Sodomites adore a**holes. They lick them (it’s a sexual activity called “rimming”). They stick things in them, natural and unnatural. I mean, that’s what it means to sodomize! That is the definition: Anal intercourse.

So. I think we can easily see that calling someone an a**hole is anti-gay hate speech. It is a “homophobic” slur. It is saying that there’s something wrong with the anus, and therefore, something wrong with the man (because you generally don’t call women “a**holes”) who licks/penetrates/pierces/loves/etc the anus.

Take that, Morgan Freeman.