New York Times dehumanizes Christians in Atlanta massage parlor shooting story

A story on the front page of Sunday’s New York Times about the Atlanta massage parlor shootings takes on the accused shooter’s evangelical Protestant Christian faith and its emphasis on purity.

In doing so, it subtly reinforces the secular narrative that Man is not fully human unless he acts on his sexual urges. In other words, the Christian, or the Jew, or the Muslim man who strives to live a chaste and pure life – presumably even within the covenant of holy matrimony – goes against human nature and consequently is inhuman, dehumanized, and mentally unbalanced. The Christian is dangerous and unstable, and lives a “life unworthy of life.”

I’ve had homosexual friends essentially accuse me of the same. The first time we had “the talk” about my conversion away from the sodomitical lifestyle to embrace Catholicism, a friend told me, “I’m worried about your mental health.” He was not trying to be derogatory.

By promoting this notion in today’s story, the New York Times promotes the continued marginalization of the Christian and incites violence against the Christian by presenting us as sub-human.

Fair and balanced: Illinois redefines marriage, TV reporter grins

Recently, I shared how Chicago television station WBBM-TV sent its “chief correspondent” Jay Levine to Springfield to cover a redefine marriage rally with a live report. The next day, pro-marriage advocates rallied. Chicago’s newspapers noted the critical role that black legislators were playing in protecting marriage. Did WBBM-TV send its chief correspondent to cover this pro-marriage rally? No. Did they send anyone? Doesn’t look like it. WBBM’s 6pm and 10pm newscasts showed video, only about three or four clips, of middle-aged white people praying. They didn’t interview anyone. They didn’t show any blacks. Their 10pm newscast made brief mention of the role of the black caucus — but their 6pm newscast didn’t. Fast forward to when Illinois’ General Assembly passed a gay “marriage” law. WBBM sent Levine back to Springfield for a live report. Levine had an approving grin on his face as he interviewed a sodomitical marriage supporter live on the air. There was a time when journalists were journalists, and strove for at least the appearance of being impartial.

@latimes front page article enslaves Africans to promote atheism

Imaginary conversation in the Los Angeles Times’ editor’s office:

“Those people are fighting again. You know, the coloreds.”

“Well, sigh, I supposed we should do a token story to acknowledge it. We ARE supposed to be journalists after all. Even if covering those homophobic monkeys won’t sell us a single paper!”

(All laugh)

We must pray for an end to the fighting in the Central African Republic. His Holiness himself has appealed for peace in the country.

What are they fighting over? The Los Angeles Times, on the surface, tried to “investigate” in a front page story today. But their real agenda is obvious: enslave Africans to promote an anti-religious, atheist agenda. We’ve tweeted about the Los Angeles Times anti-Catholic front page stories numerous times. Let’s examine today’s demonic propaganda.

The subtitle:

“It’s them. It’s the Muslims,” voices screamed. “We’re going to cut them up.”

The introductory paragraph:

Christians are a “mob.” Muslims are “refugees.” Young Christian man carries a grenade. Defenseless Muslim mother gathers her daughters and prays. Ladies and gentlemen? Our victims and our villains are established!

The body:

A few paragraphs in, reporter Alexandra Zavis reluctantly reveals that it WAS NOT the Christians who started all this:

An alliance of rebel groups, made up mostly of Muslims from the northeast and neighboring Chad and Sudan, accused the government of reneging on a power-sharing agreement. Although it had no clear political agenda, the heavily armed alliance, known as the Seleka, seized control. For months, its fighters terrorized citizens.

While everyone suffered, Christians and animists felt most threatened.

Then follows victim/aggressor back-and-forth schmiel. Christians doing very un-Christian things. You start the get the sense that “religion is bad.” That’s that goal of this piece; not to draw attention to the CAF civil war but to enslave poor, “uncultured,” third-world colored people in a campaign to repeat the lie that all wars are caused by religion, religions are bad, blah blah blah.

Burying the lede

We finally get to the REAL reasons behind this civil war more than halfway into the article:

The region traditionally has been mixed. Largely Christian and animist farming villages are interspersed with towns where Muslims made up much of the merchant class.

Herders, also predominantly Muslim, move their cattle through the area. There is long-standing tension between them and their Christian neighbors: Poor farmers resent the comparative wealth of Muslim traders and say the cattle trample their crops; herders accuse the farmers of stealing cows.

See that? This ISN’T a conflict between irrational religions folks whose belief in flying spaghetti monsters is holding them back from owning the iPhone 5s and lesbian “marriage.” It’s about jealousy and envy.


We must pray for peace and conversion of hearts, especially Christians, in the Central African Republic. We must pray for the conversion of Los Angeles Times Editor Davan Maharaj and reporter Alexandra Zavis.

The article accomplished its mission. This comment was left at the bottom. (What are the chances that “revolting” is a member of the Times’ editorial staff?)


@suntimes brags about manufacturing rather than reporting news on Catholics, sodomy

I don’t know if Chicago Slum-Times “reporter” Brian Slodysko is Catholic. I don’t know if she cares passionately about the salvation of souls, or tosses and turns at night, agonizing over desecration or unworthy reception of the Holy Eucharist.

In a story she allegedly wrote on the Slum-Times’ website November 18, headlined, “Cardinal mum about three prominent Dems — Quinn, Madigan, Cullerton — backing gay marriage” Miss Slodysko brags about trying to provoke Francis Cardinal George, Archbishop of Chicago and proceeds to throw a passive-aggressive temper tantrum when he doesn’t take the poison bait:

…the normally outspoken leader of Chicago Catholics had little to say about three prominent elected leaders — Catholics themselves — who championed the measure.

“What’s the point of talking?” George told a Sun-Times reporter Sunday after Mass at St. Genevieve Parish, on the city’s West Side.

He made the comment after being asked specifically whether he would seek to deny communion to the trio of Chicago Democrats: Gov. Pat Quinn, who’s expected to sign the bill into law this week, as well as House Speaker Michael Madigan or Senate President John Cullerton.

Further commentary would be “creating a story of good guys and bad guys,” the cardinal said, adding that he feels his words are “sliced up without nuance.”

Yes, Your Eminence. Creating a story of good and bad guys is exactly what Miss Slodysko was doing.

If one wanted to write a serious story about denying the Eucharist to Catholic politicians espousing heresy and legalizing sinful behavior,  you’d write about that. You’d mention the controversy over that elsewhere nationwide, if not worldwide. You’d Google it and reach out to people like Father John Zuhlsdorf or canon lawyers. You’d talk to multiple sources, something Miss Slodysko failed to do, and that’s a pretty biggie in journalism circles, as I understand it. Did I mention her newspaper is bankrupt, fired all its photographers and makes its reporters take pictures with their iPhones, and that their website got hacked this weekend?

It wasn’t hard to find the Cardinal because he posts his schedule on the archdiocese’s website. It indicated he’d be at St. Genevieve’s for the Feast of Divine Providence. But Miss Slodysko never mentioned that, and only gave passing mention to the homily, bemoaning His Eminence’s failure to be a big, bad meanie in not mentioning sodomy.

So it’s clear that she stalked and then staked out the Cardinal to confront him and provoke him into making “controversial” remarks. When she didn’t get what she wanted, she threw (wrote?) a tantrum about this “normally outspoken leader.” The whole piece is a hit job trying to undermine the Cardinal’s (and by extension the Church’s, and therefore Christ’s) reputation by pointing out perceived inconsistencies and even mentions the KKK!

Homosexuals and lesbians are estimated to be what, two to three percent of the population? But in a city of 2,715,000,000 people, the murder capital of the USA where one in five residents lives in poverty under the most corrupt local government in America, the most important thing Sun-Times CEO Timothy Knight can do on a Sunday morning is send a reporter to Mass to try and bully a prince of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

I parody media hit job on small town elderly pro-marriage librarian

Suburban Chicago newspaper The Daily Herald reporter Russell Lissau wrote a hit job on a little old lady, a librarian in a small town, because she opposes redefining marriage to include same-sex couples, polygamy, children, animals, and whatever else Lissau probably embraces. You can read his screed here.

Reading it, I couldn’t help but wonder, would he have written the same thing about an anti-marriage librarian? Let’s have some fun with this parody of the article that Lissau would NEVER write:

Lake Co. library leader assails gay traditional marriage

The leader of a Lake County library district board on Tuesday assailed plans to legalize gayprotect the definition of marriage in Illinois.

PolygamyAbolishing divorce will be next,” Bonnie Quirke, the president of the Libertyville-based Cook Memorial Public Library District board, told the Daily Herald. “Is that really what we want? Is that really what they want?”

Quirke’s comments came during an interview prompted by posts she’d made on Facebook. In the interview, Quirke said she opposes the effort because it redefinesrestricts the word “marriage.”

“The whole purpose of marriage isn’t reproduction, it’s love,” Quirke said. “Two people of the same sex can’tcanreproduceturn to adoption and surrogacy.”

When asked about other forms of parenting available to same-sex couples, such as adoption and surrogacy marriage being illegal, such as marrying more than one person, or one’s parents, siblings, first cousins, children, developmentally disabled individuals, animals, and inanimate objects, Quirke remained resolute.

“Is that really in the best interest of children, to be raised by two men or two women one man and one woman?” she said.

Quirke also insisted gay men don’t maintain monogamous relationships.

“There may be a coupleare no exceptions, the AIDS crisis of the 1980s wasn’t caused by rampantly promiscuous gay men engaging in unprotected butt sex, but they’re not (monogamous),” she said.

The General Assembly approved legislation that would allowban gay marriage Tuesday. The plan now heads to Gov. Pat Quinn.

Quirke, of Libertyville, has served on the library board since 2005 and has been its president since 2010. She’s also a leader in the anti pro-abortion movement in Lake County and Illinois.

Quirke said her views on homosexualityheterosexual marriage haven’t affected her ability to serve the library district. She’s never tried to keep books on the subject out of the collection, she said.

“I think I’ve been a very good, strong advocate for the library,” she said.

Cook Memorial Public Library District Director Stephen Kershner said he doesn’t share Quirke’s opinions but defended her right to express them. He isn’t concerned her views on gay rights are shaping library policy.

“There are seven elected board members, and policies are made by the majority of the board, not by an individual board member,” Kershner said.

Mitchell Locin, a spokesman for the gay-rightsmarriage defense group Equality IllinoisNational Organization for Marriage, called Quirke “out of touch” with the people of Illinois.


Lissau’s article is one of the increasing attacks in a culture war that seeks to intimidate and subjugate anyone who doesn’t conform to the dictatorship of relativism.

Start out small, with a little old lady in a small town, then work your way up. When they (ultimately, Catholics, orthodox Jews, and Mohammedans) don’t give in, those enemies of the human race must be eliminated, systematically, for the good of society, in the name of freedom and equality.

Three years ago, Chicago archbishop Francis Cardinal George made the following prophetic statement:

“I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square. His successor will pick up the shards of a ruined society and slowly help rebuild civilization, as the church has done so often in human history.”

Pray for Mr. Lissau. Pray for Ms. Quirke. Pray for the conversion of sinners, heretics, and non-believers. Pray for yourselves, your priests, bishops and your pontiff, that we will have the courage to embrace persecution, suffering, and martyrdom, whether white or red.


Media abandoning all pretenses of objectivity re: marriage stories? @cbschicago leads way

Is the media abandoning all pretenses of objectivity when it comes to reporting on efforts to rape the definition of marriage to include man-man, woman-woman, polygamous, polyamorous, incestuous, and adult-child relationships?

Witness WBBM-TV in Chicago, where “CBS 2 Works for You” except when it comes to providing basic journalism, like, both sides to a story.

Reporter Jay Levine provides a stunningly one-sided account of a “marriage equality” rally in Illinois’ capitol city Springfield. There were no interviews with anyone who opposed redefining marriage. None! What’s more, this was just a rally. There isn’t even a vote scheduled in the state’s General Assembly. There was no actual news. NOTHING HAPPENED.

You can’t even lay all the blame on the reporter. He probably had a producer working with him. And the newscast itself had a producer and executive producer. There was an assignment editor who assigned Levine this story. And surely a news director signed off on the time and expense of sending the station’s “top” reporter several hours away from Chicago to cover this non-event.  There was a deliberate, conscious choice to brand this story as “marriage equality” instead of “gay” or “sodomitical” or “homosexual” marriage. This was a systematic effort with multiple opportunities for multiple parties to ensure a balanced story was being told. But it didn’t happen, and there’s a reason for that, a very dark reason.

I’ll save my scribe on the media being a tool of Satan for another post. In the meantime, I’ll take consolation in the fact that nobody saw this story because WBBM’s newscast is in last place. THAT works for me, CBS 2.


Obama: “Tevin could have been my son”

Obama: “Tevin could have been my son”

I have no evidence Obama actually say that.

There aren’t any marches with sodomy pride flags, or “ministers” crawling out the woodwork to whip up donations peoples’ emotions with demands for “Justice for Tevin.”

“A car drove by, yelled something about them being white. One of my buddies said something about disrespecting a combat veteran,” he said to our NBC affiliate in Seattle, Washington.

That’s when police say five African American men in their mid twenties pulled over and started an argument. One man allegedly pulled out a knife and stabbed Geike multiple times.

May Christ have mercy on the soul of Spc. Tevin Geike. Pray that the murderers repent and come forward.

The media’s burying this story because it doesn’t fit with their liberal agenda of labeling certain groups as “victims” and others as “aggressors.”