“Diversity, equity and inclusion”

April 30 is the feast of St Catherine of Siena. The Chicago Archdiocese has a parish named in honor of her, St Catherine of Siena-St Lucy in west suburban Oak Park.

In a web search, we came across an April 21, 2020 article in the Chicago Tribune, “Fenwick High, St. Catherine-St. Lucy schools form partnership to share resources, facilities.” Excerpt:

The agreement was announced April 16, and calls for both schools to share a vision of more diversity, equity and inclusion for future students

I don’t know what that means. “Share a vision of…?” More diversity of what? Equity of what? Inclusion of whom?

Diversity of error? Equity of error? Inclusion of error? I have a feeling that’s what it means for these Catholic-in-name-only schools, where the Faith is but a thin veneer on a pricey private school.

Dominican-affiliated Fenwick High School posted about the pact on its blog, here. The word “Jesus” doesn’t appear once. But “diversity” appears three times.

It sounds like they’re trying to throw St Catherine’s school a lifeline while at the same time creating a feeder school for uber-expensive Fenwick while providing it PR cover for Woke Park.

This screenshot from St Catherine’s school website shows only 17 students graduating from eight grade this year.

On St Catherine of Siena-St Lucy’s parish webpage, we notice the FIVE PARAGRAPH parish mission statement, which includes,

St. Catherine-St. Lucy is known for its diversity and welcoming parishioners from different backgrounds, including different ethnicities, socioeconomic levels, and sexual orientations, among other characteristics.

Illinois’ worst hospital is Catholic

St Bernard Hospital in Chicago is the only hospital in Illinois to get an “F” in the Leapfrog Group’s Spring 2021 Hospital Safety Grades.

St Bernard is considered a safety net hospital. It’s located in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood, one of the most violent ghettos in the city. Most of St Bernard’s patients are people of African descent.

Let us pray that St Bernard’s president and CEO, Charles A. Holland, Jr., will reverse his opposition to providing safe, high quality patient care to the hospital’s patients.

AP: Rich donors making bishops confront Biden re: Eucharist

An Associated Press (AP) story published on the Chicago Sun-Times website today ends with paraphrases and quotes from a liberal professor who claims “conservative philanthropists” are behind United States bishops’ alleged willingness to confront fake president Joe Biden over his abortion support and “request” (my word) he stop receiving the Eucharist.

The AP accepts the claim without evidence.

The relevant part:

Steven Millies, a professor of public theology at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, said the Catholic church received significant financial support in recent years from conservative philanthropists who are skeptical of Francis and favored Donald Trump over Biden in the 2020 election.

“What we’re seeing now is an effort to please donors who want a church which will wage a culture war,” Millies said.

And the AP just accepts it without challenging him for evidence.


I would love to see Millies’ proof. Who are these “conservative philanthropists?” Are they donating to specific dioceses or all of them? Are they donating to the USCCB? How much? Where’s he getting this from? Why haven’t we heard about this shadow group of American Catholic white knights previously?

We won’t get into Millies scandalous insinuation that the bishops are for sale.

If it were THAT easy to get bishops to act like bishops – to transmit and defend the deposit of Faith – by throwing money at them – we wouldn’t have the SSPX because the US bishops would be bending over backwards to accommodate traditionalist Catholics who attend the Extraordinary Form and put their money where their mouth is supporting the authentic Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and religious orders like the SSPX (who wouldn’t be ordaining young priests and building a new US seminary if they didn’t have the donations to fund them).

Millies didn’t fall far from the tree. Here’s his bio on the CTU’s website

Lastly, as usual the AP gets it wrong about the source and summit of the faith: It repeatedly mentions “communion” but not “Eucharist.” Joe Biden can receive the Eucharist. But he can’t receive communion.

Church in Germany in schism

Stunned and disappointed to read this headline in LifeSIte News:

Over 500 German priests vow to defy Church’s ban on same-sex couples

The subhead reads, “A much-hyped blessing service for same-sex couples in Germany at more than 50 parishes is being planned for May 10.

I don’t know how many priests Germany has, but 500 – that is shocking. I wouldn’t trust them to keep the Seal of Confession. Of all the evils committed by the German people over the past century, this ranks up there, and the Lord will not leave them unpunished.

It seems the Church in Germany is in schism.

Pray they repent and convert, before it is too late.

Story here.

Cupich has a sh*tty week in the media

The hits keep coming for Spokane Bishop Blasé Cupich, who claims to be a cardinal archbishop of the Archdiocese of Chicago.

April 16

Chicago Sun-Times publishes the latest in an ongoing series documenting how religious orders protect the identities of clergy accused or guilty of sexual abuse. The Socialist labor union-owned newspaper noted, “Cupich and his spokeswoman have declined interview requests or to respond to questions for months.”

Sun Times story

April 17

Chicago media pick up on an April 12 media statement from the Archdiocese that a suburban pastor’s been pulled out of his parish (St Peter Damien in Bartlett) temporarily while allegations he sexually abused a minor 30 years ago are investigated.

WLS-TV story

April 21

Three hits that sting:

Chicago Sun-Times reports Cupich’s in a fight with the lay administrators of St Sabina parish and threatened to outsource the investigation of its pastor for molesting three young males to another diocese. This pits Cupich in a war with a parish populated by people of Africa descent and their heterodox (if not heterosexual) pastor, Michael Pfleger who is of European descent. For a Modernist Liberal like Cupich, getting into a war with a “black” parish is a personal and public nightmare and embarrassment.

Sun Times story

Chicago media pick up on yet another media statement from the Archdiocese that yet another pastor’s been pulled out of his parish (Christ the King in Beverly) temporarily while allegations he “sexually assaulted a minor” 36-years-ago are investigated. In this case:

“I made unwelcome verbal comments to a female employee that upset her to the extent that her parents and the police were contacted,” he [the pastor] said in the letter. “There was no physical interaction between me and the young woman. I was in the restaurant and spoke to the police, and I left the restaurant without any further police action.”

I’m scratching my head how “unwelcome verbal comments” constitute “sexual assault” but nowadays down is up and day is night.

WMAQ-TV story via MSN

Lastly, Church Militant posts a blistering Vortex episode about Cupich’s attempts to rehabilitate homosexual Satanist Joseph Bernardin as a leader in preventing priest sex abuse – at the same time Cupich’s concealed from law enforcement documented credible allegations against Bernardin.

Church Militant Vortex

Chicago Tribune: “People who menstruate”

We spotted this story in the Chicago Tribune.

“Some people are reporting abnormal periods after a COVID-19 vaccine. U. of I. professor looking for answers”

Notice the language.


Not “Women.”

The Leader was right – the media are the enemy of the people.

Here’s an excerpt

Hundreds of women and people who menstruate replied in the comments with their own experiences.

“Women and people who menstruate”

Are women not people?

Men can’t menstruate.

Yet another reason why we cancelled our subscription to the Tribune a few years ago

Tribune romanticizes woke ex-con on front page

A front page feature, below the fold, on Saturday’s Chicago Tribune romanticizes a woke, ex-con.

He’s had stints in juvenile detention and was sentenced to prison for 10 years, serving from 2007 to 2017. Gaston said he was wrongfully convicted of the crimes that sent him there — including burglary, forgery and misuse of a credit card — and spent three of those years in solitary confinement at Stateville and Pinckneyville correctional centers.

But the Tribune wants you to believe Troy Gaston redeemed now, because, “he has taken part in or led 67 protests from March 27, 2020, to Nov. 6, 2020” as a devout Marxist racist:

“I’ve been designed to fight. Black people’s whole existence is a resistance.”

MSN (of course) has a copy of the story here.

Vandals desecrate Chicago church

Cupich closed St Thecla parish in 2020. It’s located on Chicago Far Northwest Side in a safe, solidly middle class neighborhood – not some ghetto.

The graffiti included racial and homophobic slurs.

Story in Nadig Newspapers: http://nadignewspapers.com/2021/04/08/vandals-hit-saint-thecla-church-which-closed-last-year-some-windows-broken-much-of-the-damage-in-a-stairwell/

Chicago mass shooting goes unnoticed

There was a mass shooting in Chicago on Monday night, which you’d think would make national news. Seven POADs shooting a ghetto neighborhood where most children are bastards (probably most of the adults too). On WBBM-TV’s 5pm Tuesday newscast, coverage of the the story didn’t air until six minutes into the newscast, and didn’t include any interviews or on-the-scene reports.

Chicago Catholic hospital sold. Abortions next?

Chicago’s Mercy Hospital is the city’s oldest chartered hospital. It’s on Chicago’s South Side and most of its patients are poor people of African descent (POAD). Owner Trinity Health system, ostensibly Catholic, wanted to close it down because it bleeds money, but the public outcry was such that Trinity ultimately washed its hands of the problem and sold it to a sketchy non-profit calling itself Insight Chicago.

What’s unknown, concerning, and not appearing in media coverage I’m seeing, is whether Trinity included a ban on abortions and contraception as condition of the sale.

Here’s a story by Block Club Chicago, an extremist, left-wing Socialist local news media outlet – if anyone were to bay for the blood of the unborn (aside from the Chicago Sun-Times), it would be their staff, and they don’t mention it:


In New York City, more babies conceived by POAD are aborted than actually born. I think it’s safe to assume that ratio’s prevalent other major American cities like Chicago.

Why isn’t the Archdiocese of Chicago, its archbishop claimant, and its Office of Human Dignity out in front of this, advocating for the unborn?