Abortion-loving perverts invade Chicago church sanctuary during funeral

There was a funeral mass on Saturday, May 14 at St Barbara in Bridgeport for Bernie Wong. Mrs. Wong founded the Chinese American Social League in Chicago’s Chinatown. Apparently she was Catholic.

Over the weekend, we saw a local newscast story where Illinois Senator Dick Durbin was shown speaking from St. Barbara’s pulpit giving a eulogy at her funeral. He is the same Catholic senator who most holy Bishop Thomas Paprocki prohibits from receiving the Eucharist in the Diocese of Springfield. Durbin is an unrepentant and persistent supporter of killing unborn babies and promoting sexual perversities like sodomy.

St Barbara in Chicago

I can’t remember what station I saw it on. I can’t find the clip on the websites of channels 2, 5, 7, 9, or 32.

But I did find a story by Disney’s WLS-TV – with video – that causes further scandal. It shows the additional following Party of Death members speaking in front of the tabernacle:

  • Openly-lesbian Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot
  • Congressman Danny Davis
  • Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle
  • Illinois House Representative Theresa Mah

In my mind, this is just as bad as Cupich welcoming arch-antisemite Louis Farrakhan to roar about “Satanic Jews” from the pulpit of St. Sabina in 2019. Those who promote hatred of God’s commandments are just as bad as those who promote hatred of His people.

As a side note, eulogies have NO place in a funeral mass, which is offered for the repose of the soul of the dead. Give the eulogy at the funeral parlor, or at the reception afterwards.

What I’m horrified to ask is, did Durbin approach for the Eucharist and did the priest administer it to him?

May the Lord have mercy on Mrs. Wong’s soul. She did not deserve such a disgraceful, scandalous sacrifice of the Mass offered for her. May the Holy Ghost inflame a sincere and public repentance in whichever priests and bishops permitted these blasphemies.

No parishes closing in Orland Park, Tinley Park

I’m surprised.

I thought, with the priest shortage, surely there would be a merger or two. Instead, the archdiocese announced in a news release on May 11 on this Renew My Church grouping that, “All seven parishes and schools, and Cardinal Bernardin School, will remain in their current structure.”

There’s nothing on the RenewMyChurch.com website about it (yet?) so we don’t know the demographic or parish details. Obviously the parishes are hitting all the strict financial and attendance markers the archdiocese sets.

Bulleted in the news release:

Part of the uniqueness of this Orland Tinley grouping is that the parishes are well situated, in that they cover a large geographic area. 

Many, I’m guessing most, of the Catholic residents of Orland and Tinley are descended from Chicago’s South and Southwest Sides. The Baby Boomers grew up in suburbs like Oak Lawn and Burbank or South Holland, or in the city in neighborhoods like Ashburn and Clearing and Scottsdale, attending parishes like St Bede the Venerable or St Thomas More – parishes that archdiocese announced its merging just one day earlier on May 10.

Those Boomers’ parents, the Greatest Generation, grew up in city neighborhoods like Marquette Park, Englewood, Gresham, Brighton Park, etc which either long ago ceased to be Catholic or flipped to Mexican and are seeing mergers and closures as that Catholic ethnic group now abandons the one, true Faith.

What I’m curious about is, how long are these Orland and Tinley parishes going to last as-is? They’re the quintessential “Church of Nice” parishes whose flocks don’t have any meaningful Catholic identity, don’t believe or practice what the Church teaches about marriage, sex, charity, etc. I have family in these parishes: Divorced Baby Boomers, some of whom have remarried without an annulment, whose Millennial children attended these parishes’ Catholic schools but who now do not practice the faith, who cohabitate in heterosexual and homosexual relationships, who embrace New Age spiritualism, and live in a world where they (not God) are the center of everything. Sure, if you ask them, “What’s your religion?” they’ll answer, “Catholic.” Even I did that when I was a twentysomething who never attended Mass and whose social life revolved around gay bars and hookup sites. They are Catholic in name only (CINO).

If we define the Baby Boom as running from 1946 to 1964, then the youngest of the Baby Boomer Catholics attending St Michael in Orland Park or St Julie Billiart in Tinley Park are in the late 50s, nearly 60-years-old. Behind them are Generation X, my generation, which has largely abandoned the faith.

So this grouping has maybe another 10-15 years to coast on fumes until the Boomers die off, retire to Arizone or Florida, or get wheeled off to assisted living, memory care facilities, and nursing homes.

With no sign that the archbishop claimant or the Firm have any commitment to saving souls and catechizing three generations, it’s really only a question of time before they decide to merge and close these parishes, and cash-in by selling off their (ugly!) church buildings and sprawling campuses to housing and retail developers.

St Julie Billiart in Tinley Park. Photo from BusinessYab.com

St Constance parishioners fight parish merger

Block Club Chicago, a website that claims to be a news outlet covering Chicago neighborhood news, reports parishioners of St Constance in Jefferson Park are protesting Cupich’s plans to extinguish their parish and merge it with St Robert Bellarmine on July 1, 2021.

I consider St Constance one of the ugliest churches I’ve ever seen.

Block Club Chicago’s sub-head reads, “Parishioners at St. Constance Parish and School say they worry merging with a nearby church will undermine some of their long-held traditions.”

But the story never goes into what those traditions are.

The story cites only two parishioners as sources, and one of them as anonymous.

It makes only passing references to its Polish congregation.

What’s missing, and what would’ve been interesting to explore further in the story, is the slow bleed of Poles from Chicago’s once safe and stable Northwest Side. And reporter Ariel Parrella-Aureli needed only visit the Chicago Archdiocese’s “RenewMyChurch.com” (.com because it’s a business?) website to get some interesting demographic insights Cupich shares with us. You can view the full decision here: https://www.renewmychurch.org/documents/1607309/1607597/RMC+2021+RMC-3+Decree+of+Extinctive+Union+-+St.+Constance+and+SRB.pdf/


These two parishes have been serving an area of the City in which the population is changing from large numbers of Polish-speaking faithful to a growing population of Spanish-speaking faithful

Many of the faithful attending St. Constance Parish live outside the neighborhood

The trends indicating an accelerating decrease in Polish-speaking faithful as they move from the area to suburban communities.

The two parishes now serve an area with a decreasing Polish-speaking population

Couple that with a Polish anti-violence protest march in Portage Park in April – that Block Club Chicago reported on here – and we see even more evidence that there’s a major demographic change underway on the Northwest Side with major implications for the safety of Chicagoans and the city’s property tax base:

Jakub “Kuba” Marchewka, 28, was fatally shot in a Northwest Side parking lot on Easter Sunday after bumping another car with his car door, police and his family said.

Sun-Times: Missionary order sort-of lists abusers

The latest in the Chicago Sun-Times’ series on religious orders and sexual abuse of minors is out, focusing on the Society of the Divine Word finally releasing a list – sort of, there are holes – of members who’ve sexually abused minors.

You can read it here: https://chicago.suntimes.com/2021/5/14/22435254/exporting-abusive-priests-catholic-religious-order-society-divine-word-techny-northbrook-sex-abuse

Sunday’s front page

I had never heard of this order until the Sun-Times series this year. Their Chicago Province is headquartered in Northbrook, a suburb of Chicago in northern Cook County.

The gist of the Sun-Times’ ongoing series is that religious order priests and brothers do not appear on the Cupich’s list of priests who’ve sexually abused (mostly male teenage) minors and some religious orders aren’t posting these lists at all, or they’re incomplete. It appears their reporting finally forced the Society of the Divine Word’s hand.

Like a broken record, the Sun-Times’ latest piece notes Cupich won’t give them interviews for their stories.

But Cupich, who has declined to discuss the matter [emphasis added], has chosen to restrict the list he’s had posted on the archdiocese’s website to abusive diocesan clergy, those who answered directly to him or his predecessors — and to not make public the names or other information he has gathered about members of Catholic religious orders, including the Society of the Divine Word.

Transparency and trust abound! </sarcasm>

Cupich reinstates Beverly parish pastor

Less than a month (April 22, 2021) after pulling Fr Lawrence Sullivan out of Beverly’s Christ the King parish over allegations he, “made unwelcome verbal comments to a female36-years-ago, Cupich’s reinstated him. The accuser won’t talk.

Christ the King Church in Chicago’s Beverly neighborhood

We first heard about it on an evening newscast last week. The archdiocese released a media statement on May 14 here: https://www.archchicago.org/en/statement/-/article/2021/05/14/letter-from-cardinal-blase-j-cupich-archbishop-of-chicago-on-the-reinstatement-of-father-lawrence-sullivan-to-active-ministry

A thorough review of this matter by the Archdiocesan Office of Child Abuse Investigations and Review and an outside investigator, including multiple unsuccessful attempts to obtain information from the accuser, concludes that the accusation against him, which was alleged to have occurred prior to his entering the seminary, cannot be substantiated.  Therefore, I am reinstating Father Sullivan as your Pastor effective immediately.

As a reminder, it’s standard practice to pull a pastor off onto the sidelines while the archdiocese investigates sexual allegations. It’s no different from the Chicago Police automatically putting cops on desk duty for 30 days after they shoot someone, even in self-defense.

We’re pleased Fr Sullivan’s been vindicated and we agree with Cupich here:

It is important to note that our policies also call us to do everything possible to restore the good name of priests when the process has determined allegations cannot be substantiated. This, too, is a matter of justice.  Therefore, out of regard for Father Sullivan and all our priests, I resolve to see his good name restored.  

But what about Fr C Frank Phillips of St John Cantius? He was exonerated of the allegations of “improper conduct involving adult males” made against him. Why wasn’t he welcomed back to the parish he saved from the wrecking ball and transformed into a thriving parish that spawned a new religious order of orthodox young priests committed to restoring the sacred?

We know the answer. That’s THE reason the phony charges were leveled. It was a premeditated coup d’etat. So Fr Phillips – may God bless him, for were it not for him, I never would have converted – languishes in exile in St Louis, in obedience, and in prayer.

And don’t say, “Ask the Resurrectionists.” Cupich could easily come out publicly saying Phillips should be reinstated and publicly ask the Resurrectionists to make it happen.

I think he will be declared a saint one day.

On China’s population time bomb

I couldn’t help but feel a sense of, “I told you so” last week reading all the prominent mainstream media coverage about China’s population time bomb, triggered by its “one child” policy.

Here’s an example story from Comcast NBC News: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/china-s-population-still-growing-barely-n1266904

Contraception kills countries.

This is a Wall Street Journal graphic from a story they ran three years ago.

Bravo to Wisc bishops

Life Site News has a story on a bill in the Wisconsin state senate to legalize “alkaline hydrolysis” for dead bodies, basically dissolving them in chemicals and dumping the liquid down the drain. Wisconsin’s bishops are correctly opposing it.

Story here: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/wisconsin-senate-approves-bill-to-dissolve-dead-bodies-dump-them-in-sewer

Disappointingly, Life Site News’ story makes zero mention of the Wisconsin state house (did it already pass this bill? Will it vote on it? Is passage likely?) or the Wisconsin governor’s position on it (will he sign it?).

I think this whole melting people and flushing them away is symptomatic of a culture of death that ironically can’t deal with death. Witness “celebrations of life” memorials instead of somber funerals. Cremations instead of burials. Ok part of that has to do with cost – something bishops need to address since they own so many cemeteries. But the convenience of melting grandma and flushing her down the drain means you don’t have to go visit her at the cemetery, or feel guilt about not visiting her. I can see some starting to question the need for cemeteries. We could use those acres for Amazon warehouses…

Parishes merging in Wicker Park, Logan Square, Ashburn

The Archdiocese of Chicago announced several parishes will be extinguished and merged together in what it’s calling “Wicker Square” (Wicker Park + Logan Square) and “Greater Ashburn” (Asburn, Scottsdale).

The decisions were announced yesterday, May 10. News release at: https://www.archchicago.org/en/news-release/-/article/2021/05/11/archdiocese-of-chicago-provides-updates-on-two-renew-my-church-groupin-1

The good news is, no churches are closing outright.

Opus Dei-operated St Mary of the Angels and its school remain as-is. This glorious church was almost closed and bulldozed under Satanist homosexual molester Joseph Cardinal Bernardin.

St Mary of the Angels

What I’m unsure about:

St. Thomas More will become a canonical mission, connected to the newly formed parish of St. Bede and St. Denis.

St. Thomas More, at 81st and California, has an Extraordinary Form mass every Sunday at noon. Its Associate Pastor, Fr Scott Haynes, is a former member of the Canons Regular of St John Cantius.

So I’m speculating that “canonical mission” is Cupich’s way of accommodating the “Latin Mass (I dislike that name, it’s inaccurate) Community” at St Thomas.

Still, a stunning turn of events for the Southwest Side grouping – St Thomas More, St Bede, and St Denis are all postwar parishes that were once bursting at the seams, educating thousands of Baby Boomers, in once new, once safe neighborhoods.

St Thomas More
St Denis

Sun-Times: Marist Brothers covering up homosexual clergy abuse

The Chicago Sun-Times continues its ongoing series about Catholic male religious orders covering up homosexual abuse of male teens by their members.

Published May 7 and appearing on the May 9 Sunday front page, “Marist Brothers Catholic order hid abuse by member who helped run Chicago school in the 1970s, suits say” focuses Chicago’s Marist High School.