New York Times dehumanizes Christians in Atlanta massage parlor shooting story

A story on the front page of Sunday’s New York Times about the Atlanta massage parlor shootings takes on the accused shooter’s evangelical Protestant Christian faith and its emphasis on purity.

In doing so, it subtly reinforces the secular narrative that Man is not fully human unless he acts on his sexual urges. In other words, the Christian, or the Jew, or the Muslim man who strives to live a chaste and pure life – presumably even within the covenant of holy matrimony – goes against human nature and consequently is inhuman, dehumanized, and mentally unbalanced. The Christian is dangerous and unstable, and lives a “life unworthy of life.”

I’ve had homosexual friends essentially accuse me of the same. The first time we had “the talk” about my conversion away from the sodomitical lifestyle to embrace Catholicism, a friend told me, “I’m worried about your mental health.” He was not trying to be derogatory.

By promoting this notion in today’s story, the New York Times promotes the continued marginalization of the Christian and incites violence against the Christian by presenting us as sub-human.

Tobin at Chicago’s St Alphonsus?

Tucked at the bottom of a Church Militant article on two New Jersey dioceses battling Theodore McCarrick victim lawsuits was this:

Tobin’s history goes back to infamous Cdl. Joseph Bernardin, under whom he served as pastor of St. Alphonsus in Chicago’s Boystown neighborhood, and Checchio has more connections to McCarrick than he’s letting on.

This is in reference to homosexual Joseph Tobin, who claims to be a priest and cardinal archbishop in Newark, NJ. This is the Tobin of “Nighty-night, baby. I love you” Twitter fame.

Heretofore we’d never heard Tobitn had Chicago connections, much less claimed to be a priest and pastor here, with a direct line to Satanic homosexual pederast Bernardin. But there is some fake news in Church Militant’s reporting – St Alphonsus is not in Boystown, not by a mile – literally! Alphonsus is in Lakeview, but no one would consider that Boystown.