Sun-Times: Archdiocese let not 1, but 2 accused priests bunk at friary next to school

There’s a link in this story to a very, very long PDF compilation of internal archdiocesan files on the priest. Here’s a shortcut to it:

Here’s the Sun-Times story:

Goodbye, Twitter

I launched Twitter this morning and got this message. I clicked appeal and almost immediately got an email saying it was denied.

I’m not giving a pinch of incense to their gods. I’m just walking away. I joined Gab as @ thefourmarks

UPDATE 5-7-21

I’m starting to have second thoughts. I miss the Catholics I followed on Twitter; they aren’t on Gab. Twitter keeps sending me “Highlights” emails showcasing tweets from people I followed. I also miss the Chicago-related accounts I followed on Twitter; there’s almost nothing local on Gab. It’s a lot of Republican Americans.

I appealed my two flagged tweets again on April 17, expressing my confusion at how a scientific study can be “hateful” and how a tweet specifically stating “out of love” can be hateful either. Nearly three weeks later, I haven’t heard back.

Should I bite the bullet? Would I be selling out?

UPDATE 5-23-21

I deleted the tweets on May 17, after a month of waiting for my appeal and no action. I’m rationalizing this as, I am not denying any tenets of the faith or apostatizing with this action. And neither tweet originated from any hatred. One explicitly stated, “out of love.”

So I’ve been lurking for the past week. Today’s Pentecost so I’m going to resume tweeting saints of the day, a practice that helps me start my day with the Church.