Tribune romanticizes woke ex-con on front page

A front page feature, below the fold, on Saturday’s Chicago Tribune romanticizes a woke, ex-con.

He’s had stints in juvenile detention and was sentenced to prison for 10 years, serving from 2007 to 2017. Gaston said he was wrongfully convicted of the crimes that sent him there — including burglary, forgery and misuse of a credit card — and spent three of those years in solitary confinement at Stateville and Pinckneyville correctional centers.

But the Tribune wants you to believe Troy Gaston redeemed now, because, “he has taken part in or led 67 protests from March 27, 2020, to Nov. 6, 2020” as a devout Marxist racist:

“I’ve been designed to fight. Black people’s whole existence is a resistance.”

MSN (of course) has a copy of the story here.

Vandals desecrate Chicago church

Cupich closed St Thecla parish in 2020. It’s located on Chicago Far Northwest Side in a safe, solidly middle class neighborhood – not some ghetto.

The graffiti included racial and homophobic slurs.

Story in Nadig Newspapers:

Chicago mass shooting goes unnoticed

There was a mass shooting in Chicago on Monday night, which you’d think would make national news. Seven POADs shooting a ghetto neighborhood where most children are bastards (probably most of the adults too). On WBBM-TV’s 5pm Tuesday newscast, coverage of the the story didn’t air until six minutes into the newscast, and didn’t include any interviews or on-the-scene reports.

On voluntary associations

Speaking to the National Religious Broadcasters Convention on February 26, 2020, United States Attorney General William Barr made some insightful observations about our country’s slide towards totalitarian democracy and how religion, decentralized government, and the free press can prevent that.

Among his remarks:

Liberal democracy recognizes … that man is happiest in his voluntary associations, not coerced ones, and must be left free to participate in civil society, by which I mean the range of collective endeavors outside the sphere of politics.

The state is not the same as the voluntary associations that make up civil society.  To the contrary, it is the apparatus of coercive power.

This brought to mind a quote we saw tweeted, two days prior to Barr’s remarks:

Americans aren’t joining much of anything these days.

A nation of isolated individuals pursuing (enslaved by?) their own selfish individual desires, where anything goes. A nation of individuals who decline to voluntarily associate with their fellow citizens, whether at their local church or Rotary club, and who don’t even know their next door neighbors.

This harkens us back to a homily we saw on YouTube a few years ago, “Maintaining Purity: by Virtue or by Force.” It made such an impact on us that we bookmarked it and have returned to it a few times.

Virtue or force. Those are the only two ways to control men. And if you produce a society that has millions and millions of men that are unable to control themselves, that society will either descend into anarchy, or tyranny will be imposed before anarchy breaks out completely. Why? Because there’s only those two ways of controlling men: From the inside with virtue, from the outside with force. Vicious men must be ruled with force and a society that becomes dominated by lust is a society of vicious men. A society that is dominated by lust is a society doomed to anarchy and tyranny.

Thus the ascent of totalitarian democracy we’re witnessing in the manifestations of Liberal (rebranded now as, “Progressive”) politics, “democratic socialism,” et al, which will let you have your cake and eat it too, promising man he can be a woman or vice versa, and ze have intercourse with whatever or whomever they please, indulging all their basest fleshly desires, meanwhile promising (the illusion of) order and equality, all expenses paid by the State.

Those opposed to this totalitarianism, especially authentic, faithful Catholics, will be branded enemies of the state, guilty of crimes against humanity. They will voluntarily associate only at great personal risk, but with the fervent faith that Our Lord has already triumphed over the temporary, temporal Hell that will surround them.

Evil in the Last Days

Know also this, that, in the last days, shall come dangerous times. Men shall be lovers of themselves, covetous, haughty, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, wicked, Without affection, without peace, slanderers, incontinent, unmerciful, without kindness, Traitors, stubborn, puffed up, and lovers of pleasures more than of God: Having an appearance indeed of godliness, but denying the power thereof. Now these avoid.

-2 Timothy 3:1-9

Prayer to St Joseph for purity

Found this buried in the “Thanksgiving after Mass” section of my missal. What a prayer for men, all men, but especially those of us suffering from inherently disordered inclinations:

Saint Joseph, Guardian of virgins and father, to whose faithful care Christ Jesus, innocence itself, and Mary, Virgin of virgins, were entrusted, I ask and beg of thee, through these two dearest pledges, Jesus and Mary, preserve me from all defilement, and make it always possible for me unsullied in mind, pure in heart, and chaste in body to give to Jesus and Mary my holiest service. Amen.

Richards coach allegedly shot video in girls’ locker room

November 4, 2015

The Chicago Tribune reports,

The girls varsity volleyball coach at Richards High School in Oak Lawn has been suspended without pay and charged with a felony after he allegedly used his cellphone to covertly record images in the girls’ locker room at the school.

Oak Lawn police said that 31-year-old Raymond W. Van Syckle, of Joliet, had bail set Tuesday at $75,000 during an appearance at the Cook County courthouse in Bridgeview. Police said that they investigated after a female student at the school reported noticing an unattended cellphone in the locker room which she believed was recording her.

Chicago man extradited from Georgia on sex abuse charges

October 31, 2015

The Chicago Tribune reports,

A Chicago man was ordered held without bail Saturday after he was charged with three counts of predatory sexual assault of victims younger than 13 and one count of failing to register as a sex offender.

Demondre Hooker, 32, of Chicago, was arrested Friday on outstanding warrants in Jonesboro, Ga. He was flown to Chicago and appeared in Cook County bond court on Saturday.

I redecorated

I’m ashamed to say that in grade school, I openly professed my desire to be an interior decorator when I grew up. If that didn’t “give me away” than nothing would.

Alas, I never went on to pursue that aspiration and can safely say that while my decorating tastes would probably pass muster with most fags, I’m no Martha Stewart. I’ve made Ikea shareholders a lot of money.

The point of this post: I changed the blog theme in WordPress’ settings because I HATE (really, I have issues with this) small fonts on websites and this template has nice, big, easy-to-read font sizes.

That’s just how I do.

Obama Democrats attacked GOP candidate for being… gay

Fun with politics this afternoon and “pulling back the curtain” on some hypocrisy.

Carl DeMaio is a gay Republican who ran for mayor of San Diego and lost.

During the campaign, a group called “Conservatives for Gay Rights Supporting Carl DeMaio for Mayor 2012” did some gay-baiting robo calls. The San Diego Union-Tribune also reports,

The group also spent $5,000 to print and distribute campaign literature that included a photo of DeMaio hugging another man and another of him standing next to what appears to be a drag queen. Its tag line: “We conservatives know that liberty means that someone can pick a partner of their choice. We commend Carl on his conservative policies and exercising his liberties.”

But it turns out, that “Conservatives for Gay Rights” group was not conservative at all. And now an ethics commission is levying fines. 

The Ethics Commission investigation revealed that Democratic consultant Jesus Cardenas and Cynara Velazquez, a Democratic organizer with ties to medical marijuana advocacy groups, directed the group’s activities. Cardenas’ company, Innovation Media Group, received tens of thousands of dollars last year for its work on behalf of the San Diego County Democratic Party. 

Obama Democrats playing Chicago-style dirty tricks against one of their core constituencies (the gays). Hope. Change. Forward.