Thoughts on Morgan Freeman, homophobia and a**holes

Recently, a friend on Facebook shared the following image:

Morgan Freeman never actually said this. Snopes says this is false. It is fake.

But I wanted to comment on the quote, regardless of its origin.

First: I probably AM homophobic. I am scared of falling back into mortal sin related to same sex attraction, whether that sin is by thought or by deed. I fear that many souls will be lost because of the promotion of homosexuality and all the vice that accompanies it. It’s bad, people. I lived the “gay lifestyle.” I am a homo. I know what it’s about. I am afraid of homosexuality (and you should be too!).

Second: Let us shift to the subject of a**holes.

If I call you an a**hole, I’m insulting you. I’m making an analogy comparing you to something that is dirty, unclean, smelly, etc. Feces, folks. That’s what comes out of a**holes. Nobody calls you an a**hole as a compliment, or out of charity.

Now ponder this. Sodomites adore a**holes. They lick them (it’s a sexual activity called “rimming”). They stick things in them, natural and unnatural. I mean, that’s what it means to sodomize! That is the definition: Anal intercourse.

So. I think we can easily see that calling someone an a**hole is anti-gay hate speech. It is a “homophobic” slur. It is saying that there’s something wrong with the anus, and therefore, something wrong with the man (because you generally don’t call women “a**holes”) who licks/penetrates/pierces/loves/etc the anus.

Take that, Morgan Freeman.