Sun-Times: Marist Brothers covering up homosexual clergy abuse

The Chicago Sun-Times continues its ongoing series about Catholic male religious orders covering up homosexual abuse of male teens by their members.

Published May 7 and appearing on the May 9 Sunday front page, “Marist Brothers Catholic order hid abuse by member who helped run Chicago school in the 1970s, suits say” focuses Chicago’s Marist High School.

“Diversity, equity and inclusion”

April 30 is the feast of St Catherine of Siena. The Chicago Archdiocese has a parish named in honor of her, St Catherine of Siena-St Lucy in west suburban Oak Park.

In a web search, we came across an April 21, 2020 article in the Chicago Tribune, “Fenwick High, St. Catherine-St. Lucy schools form partnership to share resources, facilities.” Excerpt:

The agreement was announced April 16, and calls for both schools to share a vision of more diversity, equity and inclusion for future students

I don’t know what that means. “Share a vision of…?” More diversity of what? Equity of what? Inclusion of whom?

Diversity of error? Equity of error? Inclusion of error? I have a feeling that’s what it means for these Catholic-in-name-only schools, where the Faith is but a thin veneer on a pricey private school.

Dominican-affiliated Fenwick High School posted about the pact on its blog, here. The word “Jesus” doesn’t appear once. But “diversity” appears three times.

It sounds like they’re trying to throw St Catherine’s school a lifeline while at the same time creating a feeder school for uber-expensive Fenwick while providing it PR cover for Woke Park.

This screenshot from St Catherine’s school website shows only 17 students graduating from eight grade this year.

On St Catherine of Siena-St Lucy’s parish webpage, we notice the FIVE PARAGRAPH parish mission statement, which includes,

St. Catherine-St. Lucy is known for its diversity and welcoming parishioners from different backgrounds, including different ethnicities, socioeconomic levels, and sexual orientations, among other characteristics.

Church in Germany in schism

Stunned and disappointed to read this headline in LifeSIte News:

Over 500 German priests vow to defy Church’s ban on same-sex couples

The subhead reads, “A much-hyped blessing service for same-sex couples in Germany at more than 50 parishes is being planned for May 10.

I don’t know how many priests Germany has, but 500 – that is shocking. I wouldn’t trust them to keep the Seal of Confession. Of all the evils committed by the German people over the past century, this ranks up there, and the Lord will not leave them unpunished.

It seems the Church in Germany is in schism.

Pray they repent and convert, before it is too late.

Story here.

On voluntary associations

Speaking to the National Religious Broadcasters Convention on February 26, 2020, United States Attorney General William Barr made some insightful observations about our country’s slide towards totalitarian democracy and how religion, decentralized government, and the free press can prevent that.

Among his remarks:

Liberal democracy recognizes … that man is happiest in his voluntary associations, not coerced ones, and must be left free to participate in civil society, by which I mean the range of collective endeavors outside the sphere of politics.

The state is not the same as the voluntary associations that make up civil society.  To the contrary, it is the apparatus of coercive power.

This brought to mind a quote we saw tweeted, two days prior to Barr’s remarks:

Americans aren’t joining much of anything these days.

A nation of isolated individuals pursuing (enslaved by?) their own selfish individual desires, where anything goes. A nation of individuals who decline to voluntarily associate with their fellow citizens, whether at their local church or Rotary club, and who don’t even know their next door neighbors.

This harkens us back to a homily we saw on YouTube a few years ago, “Maintaining Purity: by Virtue or by Force.” It made such an impact on us that we bookmarked it and have returned to it a few times.

Virtue or force. Those are the only two ways to control men. And if you produce a society that has millions and millions of men that are unable to control themselves, that society will either descend into anarchy, or tyranny will be imposed before anarchy breaks out completely. Why? Because there’s only those two ways of controlling men: From the inside with virtue, from the outside with force. Vicious men must be ruled with force and a society that becomes dominated by lust is a society of vicious men. A society that is dominated by lust is a society doomed to anarchy and tyranny.

Thus the ascent of totalitarian democracy we’re witnessing in the manifestations of Liberal (rebranded now as, “Progressive”) politics, “democratic socialism,” et al, which will let you have your cake and eat it too, promising man he can be a woman or vice versa, and ze have intercourse with whatever or whomever they please, indulging all their basest fleshly desires, meanwhile promising (the illusion of) order and equality, all expenses paid by the State.

Those opposed to this totalitarianism, especially authentic, faithful Catholics, will be branded enemies of the state, guilty of crimes against humanity. They will voluntarily associate only at great personal risk, but with the fervent faith that Our Lord has already triumphed over the temporary, temporal Hell that will surround them.

Letter from The Four Marks to the laity & clergy of @archchicago

A little fun.

Cupich Paul Kalchik letter

September 21 23, 2018

Dear Parishioners and Staff laymen and clergy of Resurrection Parish the Archdiocese of Chicago,

For some weeks now, I have become increasingly concerned about a number of issues at Resurrection Parish in the Archdiocese. It has become clear to me that Fr. Kalchik Blase “Cardinal” Cupich must take time away from the parish archdiocese to receive pastoral support so his needs can be assessed. Effectively immediately, I have appointed Msgr. James Kaczorowski, Pastor of Queen of Angels Parish and Dean, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano as Administrator of Resurrection Parish archbishop of Chicago, effective tonight today.

I do not take this step lightly. Rather, I act out of concern for Fr Kalchik’s “Cardinal” Cupich’s welfare and that of the people of Resurrection Parish the archdiocese. I have a responsibility to be supportive of our priests when they have difficulties, but I also have a duty to ensure that those who serve our faithful are fully able to minister to them in the way the Church expects.

Bishop Mark Bartosic, your Episcopal Vicar, Athanasius Schneider will monitor the situation along with the Administrator Canons Regular of St John Cantius to ensure that you as parishioners receive appropriate pastoral care.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Cardinal Blase J. Cupich The Four Marks
Archbishop of Somewhere in Chicago

Looking back at @ChicagoTOT 2017’s kick-off

Tonight, the Archdiocese of Chicago kicks off its summer “Theology on Tap” (TOT) series for young adults. In an archdiocese that plays host to Mundelein Seminary, Loyola University, DePaul University, and numerous other schools, one would expect the opportunity to hear and speak with well-educated, seasoned theologians about the Faith.

Not only won’t you be hearing any discussion of theology at tonight’s event, you won’t be hearing from any theologians, much less speakers from the archdiocese or even America for that matter. No, instead, Peter Wojcik of the Archdiocese says he chose the speakers.

And they are Thomas Rosica from Canada, and Rob Galea from Australia. One assumes the archdiocese is picking up the tab for their airfare, transportation, housing, and feeding. Good thing the cardinal archbishop sold the cathedral parking lot for $110 million.

Rosica’s known for his poor, errant theology; lying to the media; threats to ruin a blogger with a lawsuit;  and for declaring Fr Gregory Baum his “hero,” among Rosica’s other exploits.

Regarding Baum, as Church Militant noted, he “publicly rejected Church teaching on contraception, homosexuality, devotion to Our Lady, Church authority and the nature of the Catholic priesthood.” It’s telling that the archdiocese’s Theology on Tap marketing materials for tonight’s kick off refer to Rosica as CEO of Salt + Light, a television station he runs in Canada. His credentials are secular; as a “business leader.”

Galea’s a young priest from Australia who plays the guitar and sings and competed in the X Factor reality TV show. He has a website that promotes himself and his music, with one omnipresent feature everywhere you go: A cart icon in the top corner.

This is Rosica’s second year in a row kicking off the Chicago archdiocese’s TOT series. In 2017, he joined Michael O’Loughlin, who writes for the Jesuit’s Amerika magazine. Spokane Bishop Blaise Cupich was supposed to join them, but had to attend a funeral out of town.

Last year’s kick off could be summed up as, “Two Queens and a Microphone.” Rosica and O’Loughlin sat on stools on a stage, Rosica’s bulging gut hanging out (must be from all that fasting and abstinence) and O’Loughlin in his tailored clothes, limp wrists flailing, with his stylish little socks and coiffed hair and designer eyeglasses, fawning over Pope Francis, endless plugging their television network and book (respectively), and generally embarrassing themselves.

If you were a young person, coming here with questions about your Faith, you didn’t get any answers. If you were a young person, on the fence about this whole Catholic thing, hearing two brag about themselves and gush about another man would not have compelled you to stay within the Church.

If you were an atheist, coming here with an open mind favorable to reason and intellectual arguments, you’d have walked away thinking the only reason to be a Roman Catholic is because we have a “cool Pope who kisses babies” and we seem to place an inordinate emphasis as of late on temporal issues such as the environment and immigration.

Neither speaker made an argument for being Catholic, other than we have a “cool” Pope (Rosica could not stop describing Francis with that adjective) and we’re for the little guy. The meaning of life? Is there a God? Forget about answers there.

Given the 400 to 500 people in the bar –  and yes this was held in a bar in downtown Chicago on a Monday night when most young people in the archdiocese would never have been able to attend, much like tonight’s – this such a missed opportunity.

Think about all the issues young Catholics face today, in a radically secular world that says it’s all about you, the individual, you are the center and God is on the peripheries or not even there; none of this was addressed.

You’re called to live a holy chaste life, to date and find a spouse, to enter into a sacramental marriage that participates in the creation of an immortal body that will contain an immortal soul. You’re not getting any advice or encouragement from Rosica or O’Loughlin (who mentioned Pope Francis’ dreadful “Who am I to judge?” statement on sodomites and also referred to the homosexual lifestyle as “a different sort of life” rather than reinforcing the Church’s immutable teaching that homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered and mortally sinful).

How do you strive for holiness in a culture that is hostile to your Faith? How can the sacraments of the Church sustain you and forge a saint out of you and aid you in achieving eternal salvation? Rosica, who we are told is an ordained priest, spoke nothing of these matters.

Some more essential topics for young Catholics that weren’t on the agenda:

  • Science and religion, reconciling them, proofs for God’s existence, defending the Faith’s connection to and importance to science;
  • With so many Millennials rejecting religion completely -the “Nones” – how do you defend the Faith and the Trinity’s existence against those who demand proof?
  • Fair and honest acknowledgement that some are critical of the pope;
  • Reclaiming a Catholic identity;
  • The Church Militant in the Middle East, its martyrs, praying for them;
  • How to interact with non-believers;
  • How to convert apostates and heretics;
  • How to deal with friends, family, coworkers who denigrate the Faith;
  • Being Catholic in the work place;
  • Anything Marian;
  • Prayer;
  • Sacraments;
  • The 10 commandments;
  • Defining and naming the various heresies rampant in the ordained & laity;
  • Vocations to the priesthood and religious;
  • Parish life – nothing about making your parish “vibrant;”
  • The seven deadly sins;
  • Virtue;
  • St Joseph as a model for men;
  • Our Lady as a model for women;
  • The reality of Hell;
  • Martyrdom, red or white (gay weddings and cakes; pharmacists and contraception prescriptions; Sisters of Charity forced to provide contraception; Charlie Good and euthanasia);
  • Dating;
  • Contraception;
  • Young Catholics and traditionalism – Chicago is an epicenter for the Extraordinary Form;
  • Suffering;
  • Dealing with friends who are sodomites;
  • The dignity of the worker;
  • Modesty and purity;
  • Raising Catholic children (young adult audience will be marrying, starting families) in a hostile secular culture;
  • Violence in society.

The papal idolatry demonstrated by Rosica and O’Loughlin was off the charts. They asked each other about their jobs, Rosica kept mentioning his “staff” at his business, trying to show how important he was. He’d ask O’Loughlin, “What was it like for you to meet Pope Francis and give him your book?” O’Loughlin asks Rosica about his role as a Vatican spokesman. It was all. about. them.

At one point, Rosica made a disgusting remark about Pope St John Paul II, describing him as “drooling because of the Parkinsons.”

Forty-five minutes in, we had heard nothing catechetical, nothing about holiness, nothing about the sacraments.


Discussion of the Synod on Youth came up. A breathless Rosica let out, “Tell us who we are… what you would like us to be!” Remake the Church in your own image, kids.

The last portion of the event was a pseudo question and answer session. It was highly scripted and controlled. We had to write our questions down on a piece of paper and the organizers selected which questions were chosen. There was no open mic, no opportunity to directly address Rosica or O’Loughlin. No dialogue. Answers pandered to the audience, weaving in tripe like the “seamless garment” at one point. We suspected the organizers wrote the questions and rehearsed the answers with Rosica and O’Loughlin well in advance.

In their closing remarks, O’Loughlin talked up his career (again) and thanked the organizers and us for attending, but did not thank the Lord or invoke any person of the Trinity. Rosica blathered on about the pope and the Church as a field hospital (not as the means to salvation) and did not invoke or thank any person of the Trinity. Finally Sneaky Pete gave his closing remarks (while O’Loughlin ignored him and tapped on his smartphone), ending with “God bless and good night.”

There was no closing prayer.





Pilsen’s Via Crucis

Mexicans in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood perform a living stations of the cross, or via crucis, every year on Good Friday. The television stations dutifully cover it.

The event starts out at Providence of God parish, then proceeds one and a half miles west down 18th Street to Harrison Park.

Providence of God front

Providence didn’t post any signs outside its church. The doors to the church itself were locked, so anyone wanting to visit the Blessed Sacrament in the altar of repose were out of luck. After seeing some other confused visitors wind their way into a side door, I discovered the stations start out in the basement hall underneath the church.

Those who got there early enough to find a seat contended with hard metal folding chairs. The performance began 30 minutes late. Everyone in the audience was casually dressed. Many held up their smartphones, often quite conspicuously, to record photos or videos. The performance was mostly in Spanish and was well done. Although, there were repeated audio issues – every time the actor playing Jesus turned his head to the right, his mic cut out.

At the point where our Lord takes up his cross, we filed outside to 18th Street to follow him. Following the procession was a van with loudspeakers blasting a campy song in Spanish accompanied by acoustic guitar. It distracted from attempts to focus on the passion of our Lord.

Every so often the procession would halt. An announcer would narrate the current station, first in Spanish and then in English. But this wasn’t consistent; he skipped the English for several stations, then at another he narrated entirely in English with no Spanish translation.

Via crucis procession

Many of the women among us wore tight jeans or tight leggings, surely a potential temptation to sins of lust for the men.

When we reached Harrison Park, where the crucifixion itself was re-enacted, our male narrator vanished and a woman, speaking only in Spanish, took over. She spoke in a monotone voice with no emotion, clearly reading off a script.

Crosses in Harrison Park

Roaming about the park were vendors hawking cotton candy and treats, on a day of fasting.

cotton candy

After the actor playing our crucified Lord was taken down from the cross, the procession turned north towards Pilsen’s cavernous, crumbling, beautiful, soon-to-be-closed St. Adalbert’s parish for a “reflection.”

St Adalbert aisle

Alas, the priest who spoke from the pulpit offered no Good Friday reflection, just some remarks thanking the volunteers. Meanwhile the church organ played in the background, in what struck me as a discordant violation of the prohibition on music from Holy Thursday to the Easter Vigil.

The priest concluded his remarks without even so much as a blessing or wishing of a Happy Easter. We all sat in our pews wondering what to do. After a few moments, we realized it was over and started to leave.

St Adalbert choir loft

I couldn’t locate the altar of repose. As I passed through the narthex, there were individuals handing out parish bulletins. I asked no less than three of them, “Where is the altar of repose?” Not one of them could tell me. One young man shrugged, said he didn’t know, and turned away from me.

Food vendors encamped the sidewalk, tempting the weak flesh.

sidewalk vendors

As I walked back to catch the CTA, I took note of all the Mexican restaurants open on 18th Street, the smell of cooked meat in the air.

Pilsen’s named after the Czech city of Plzen. For the first half of the 20th century, it was home to a large population of Central European immigrants – Czechs, Poles, Lithuanians. As they graduated up the economic ladder, Mexicans moved in and Pilsen became known as one of Chicago’s most Mexican of neighborhoods, if not a hotbed of gang violence and shootings.

In recent years, however, 10,000 of its Mexican residents have left, as the neighborhood’s close proximity to downtown attracts yuppies and gentrification, while its reasonable rents attract hipsters and artists. Its five or so Catholic parishes face closure, consolidation, and likely extinction. How long before Via Crucis is just a memory?

He will use Africa will chastise, purify the world

This morning’s front page of the Washington Post features a story on Africa’s incurable, often deadly monkeypox virus and how “scientists are racing to understand it before it goes global.”

Which got me thinking, God could be about to use Africa to purify the world and his Church.

The West is dying. It’s not having children. Its churches, convents, and monasteries are empty. It’s morally bankrupt, a new Sodom.

Africa is growing. Sub-Saharan African has some of the highest fertility rates on the planet. Holy Mother Church has gained tens of millions of new souls across the continent. The Church is in many ways going home. Holy men like Africa’s Robert Cardinal Sarah point us to the light of Truth amidst the fog of the West.

The West hasn’t seen a deadly epidemic since what, the Spanish Flu 100 years ago? Medical advances eradicated the threat of many deadly pathogens. But to paraphrase Jurassic Park, “Life finds a way.”

Perhaps it will be monkeypox. Perhaps another pathogen will evolve immunity to our antibiotics. But it would seem preeminently just that the Lord would choose his newest son to chastise and purify his oldest sons and daughters, wiping the slate clean as He’s done so many times throughout history.

Prayer to St. Joseph

Saint Joseph, Guardian of virgins and father, to whose faithful care Christ Jesus, innocence itself, and Mary, Virgin of virgins, were entrusted, I ask and beg of thee, through these two dearest pledges, Jesus and Mary, preserve me from all defilement, and make it always possible for me unsullied in mind, pure in heart, and chaste in body to give to Jesus and Mary my holiest service. Amen.

(I recently found this prayer in my missal and have been praying it after the Sacrifice of the Mass on Sundays.)

A poor Church, for the poor

Quite soon after his election to the Petrine throne, his Holiness Pope Francis I said he wants “a poor Church, for the poor.” Through martyrdoms white and red, he shall have it, if perhaps some time following his pontificate.

As the world turns against Holy Mother Church and her children, those children shall suffer persecution, even the glorious crown of martyrdom. Primarily middle or upper class in social status (for the poor, in their pride and lust for earthly pleasures shall reject the Bride who would “deny” them their “freedoms”), faithful Catholics shall suffer the loss of status, employment, housing, civil rights, family, friendships, even their very lives. Catholics shall be cast to the periphery of society. They shall become the poor Church, for the poor.

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

Thus She and her children shall evangelize, living the Gospel, converting the pagans. Upward, upward shall she rise, until she has swept up the whole into her arms and shepherds them forth, one nation, under God.