On voluntary associations

Speaking to the National Religious Broadcasters Convention on February 26, 2020, United States Attorney General William Barr made some insightful observations about our country’s slide towards totalitarian democracy and how religion, decentralized government, and the free press can prevent that.

Among his remarks:

Liberal democracy recognizes … that man is happiest in his voluntary associations, not coerced ones, and must be left free to participate in civil society, by which I mean the range of collective endeavors outside the sphere of politics.

The state is not the same as the voluntary associations that make up civil society.  To the contrary, it is the apparatus of coercive power.

This brought to mind a quote we saw tweeted, two days prior to Barr’s remarks:

Americans aren’t joining much of anything these days.

A nation of isolated individuals pursuing (enslaved by?) their own selfish individual desires, where anything goes. A nation of individuals who decline to voluntarily associate with their fellow citizens, whether at their local church or Rotary club, and who don’t even know their next door neighbors.

This harkens us back to a homily we saw on YouTube a few years ago, “Maintaining Purity: by Virtue or by Force.” It made such an impact on us that we bookmarked it and have returned to it a few times.

Virtue or force. Those are the only two ways to control men. And if you produce a society that has millions and millions of men that are unable to control themselves, that society will either descend into anarchy, or tyranny will be imposed before anarchy breaks out completely. Why? Because there’s only those two ways of controlling men: From the inside with virtue, from the outside with force. Vicious men must be ruled with force and a society that becomes dominated by lust is a society of vicious men. A society that is dominated by lust is a society doomed to anarchy and tyranny.

Thus the ascent of totalitarian democracy we’re witnessing in the manifestations of Liberal (rebranded now as, “Progressive”) politics, “democratic socialism,” et al, which will let you have your cake and eat it too, promising man he can be a woman or vice versa, and ze have intercourse with whatever or whomever they please, indulging all their basest fleshly desires, meanwhile promising (the illusion of) order and equality, all expenses paid by the State.

Those opposed to this totalitarianism, especially authentic, faithful Catholics, will be branded enemies of the state, guilty of crimes against humanity. They will voluntarily associate only at great personal risk, but with the fervent faith that Our Lord has already triumphed over the temporary, temporal Hell that will surround them.