On China’s population time bomb

I couldn’t help but feel a sense of, “I told you so” last week reading all the prominent mainstream media coverage about China’s population time bomb, triggered by its “one child” policy.

Here’s an example story from Comcast NBC News: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/china-s-population-still-growing-barely-n1266904

Contraception kills countries.

This is a Wall Street Journal graphic from a story they ran three years ago.

Bravo to Wisc bishops

Life Site News has a story on a bill in the Wisconsin state senate to legalize “alkaline hydrolysis” for dead bodies, basically dissolving them in chemicals and dumping the liquid down the drain. Wisconsin’s bishops are correctly opposing it.

Story here: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/wisconsin-senate-approves-bill-to-dissolve-dead-bodies-dump-them-in-sewer

Disappointingly, Life Site News’ story makes zero mention of the Wisconsin state house (did it already pass this bill? Will it vote on it? Is passage likely?) or the Wisconsin governor’s position on it (will he sign it?).

I think this whole melting people and flushing them away is symptomatic of a culture of death that ironically can’t deal with death. Witness “celebrations of life” memorials instead of somber funerals. Cremations instead of burials. Ok part of that has to do with cost – something bishops need to address since they own so many cemeteries. But the convenience of melting grandma and flushing her down the drain means you don’t have to go visit her at the cemetery, or feel guilt about not visiting her. I can see some starting to question the need for cemeteries. We could use those acres for Amazon warehouses…

Chicago Tribune: “People who menstruate”

We spotted this story in the Chicago Tribune.

“Some people are reporting abnormal periods after a COVID-19 vaccine. U. of I. professor looking for answers”

Notice the language.


Not “Women.”

The Leader was right – the media are the enemy of the people.

Here’s an excerpt

Hundreds of women and people who menstruate replied in the comments with their own experiences.

“Women and people who menstruate”

Are women not people?

Men can’t menstruate.

Yet another reason why we cancelled our subscription to the Tribune a few years ago

WashPost story on Millennials and marriage

This Sunday morning, Amazon.com’s Washington Post tweeted a dusty three-day-old story about Millennials eschewing big weddings for small or no ceremonies, and “sharing” the wedding with friends and family via Facebook. The story’s headlined, “Forget the big wedding. More of today’s couples ‘include’ you through Facebook.

On the one hand, I was optimistic to see young people forgoing the pomp and materialism of what weddings have become. How many couples postpone marriage and cohabitant, fornicate, living publicly in sin, because they can’t “afford” to get married? Or at least, can’t afford what modern American culture tells them a proper wedding SHOULD be.

But the more I read on, the more apparent it became that things haven’t changed SO much — the marriage is still all about them, the couples, nay, the two individuals marrying.

Like their parents, Millennials view marriage as a contract, not a covenant. A man can enter into and terminate contracts, whereas a covenant only ends with the death of one or both parties. Marriage is about children. How do civilizations die? They stop having children. In summer 2016 the media reported that the US fertility rate’s fallen to its lowest point since record keeping began a hundred years ago.

Husband and wife are consecrated to a purpose above and beyond themselves, ... to populate earth and heaven

Husband and wife are consecrated to a purpose above and beyond themselves, … to populate earth and heaven

None of the Millennials profiled by Amazon married in an ecclesial community building, much less a Catholic Church. Instead they got married at courthouses or town halls.

Let me regale you with some of the more horrifying and telling quotes:

“We picked up the papers from the courthouse — it was really easy — and left to Starbucks”

“We didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. It was nice,” she says. “A little bit romantic even.”

“Weddings … aren’t really meant for you. They’re meant for your family and your friends”

And last but not least, the quote that would make any German bishop proud,

“The main point of a wedding is to ask people to support your journey”

So we may see more weddings as Millennials pare down the pomp and circumstance, but these are still a people who embrace abortion, contraception, redefining marriage to include men marrying men and women marrying women (but curiously not couples of three or more, or next of kin, or children, etc.).

Finally, I noted that writer Megan McDonough didn’t interview any homosexual or lesbian Millennial couples for this article. They dykes, I can see, would like going cheap on weddings. They’ve got several cats to keep fed, after all. Veterinarian visits aren’t cheap. But the homos love a big, fabulous bourgeois party.

Mazel tov, Millennials.

Football & the gender elephant in the room

Sitting here eating chips and salsa, watching Super Bowl L just for the commercials, it strikes me how this game is so masculine. Still.

All the players are men. All the coaching staff are men. The photographers on the sidelines? Men. The announcers? Men. That goes for most major sports. They are the domain of men.

All of that is kind of odd, given American culture’s disdain for men, for the masculine, for everything the masculine projects. With all the “equality” stuff in our culture, the I-can-sleep-with-anyone-and-don’t-judge-me, the I-can-be-any-gender-I-want-and-y0u-WILL-conform-to-my-fantasy, how oh how have major league sports, like the NFL, escaped?

Why aren’t Millennials boycotting the Super Bowl for not allowing women? Why aren’t Millennial teenage girls, or girls who think they’re boys, demanding the right to try out and MAKE their high school or college football teams? Why aren’t legions of bull dykes marching outside Levi Stadium demanding their “right” be play as defensive tackles? Why are there no female coaches in the NFL? Half of the US population has no part to play, literally play, in major league sports or events like the Super Bowl. Women are not “represented.” They are not being treated equally by “the patriarchal establishment” or whatever wording “the enlightened” are using nowadays.

I’m not saying I’m “pro-” women in major league sports. I don’t follow sports, I was never good at them, they bore me, there’s too much money involved, so it makes no difference to me if women play or not. But it’s peculiar that this industry’s thus far escaped the overarching cultural pressures on men to be less manly. Don’t you think?


Should I even be surprised: Front page story on teen heroin addict pretends fathers don’t exist

The big story on the Sunday front page of a suburban newspaper: Former teen heroin addict celebrates one year sober.

Reporter Melissa Silverberg pens a respectable feel-good story about a typical suburban teen with an unpronounceable Polish last name. We read about how mom and little sister are also still recovering from the roller coaster that now-20-year-old Chris Pzybylo took them on. There’s video where Chris describes how he started heroin and what withdrawal is like.

Towards the end of the story, we’re told,

Chris’s brother, Sebastian, now 18, declined to be interviewed, but family members said they have spent the year rebuilding their relationship.

But we never hear about dad.

The words ‘father’ and ‘dad’ never appear in this story.

What IS buried 10 paragraphs in? The reason for Chris’ addiction and all the pain in his life, and his family’s:

But by middle school things were changing. His parents had divorced. He became less interested in school. He started smoking marijuana and drinking a little. Genevieve chalked it up to normal rebellious teen behavior.

Divorce. Dad is gone. Father out of the picture. Son falls apart and turns to heroin for false happiness.

Why is this ignored? Did Silverberg and her editors deem it irrelevant? Was there any attempt to reach the father? Why did the parents separate? Was there abuse, neglect, adultery? We don’t know. Silverberg buried the lede, and her head in the sand.

I supposed we shouldn’t be surprised, given this age of “I can marry whomever I want and marriage is whatever I want it to be.” Divorce was once a scandal. Satan knows to destroy the family to steal souls, and he nearly stole Chris Przybylo’s.

Today’s epistle (Jas. 1:22-27) reminds us,

Religion clean and undefiled before God and the Father is this: To visit the fatherless and widows in their tribulation, and to keep one’s self unspotted from this world.

Pray for this young man and his family. Pray that his parents may be reconciled. Pray for marriage, and pray for the family.

Holy family, pray for us!

I cataloged 21 child sex abuse news stories in March. None involved priests.

My non-scientific cataloging of child sex abuse news reports (including child pornography) for the month of March 2015 hit 21 stories.

Almost all of them were in the Chicago region.

None of them involved a Roman Catholic priest.

Five of the stories involved schools. That’s nearly 20 percent. As Patty Maguire Armstrong noted,

It has been reported that sexual abuse by teachers in public schools is “more than 100 times” that by Catholic priests. Yet there is little reporting on this but old allegations of abuse by Catholic priests keep getting rehashed.

Dr. William Oddie wrote at Crisis Magazine,

There is in fact absolutely no evidence whatsoever that child sex abuse perpetrated by Catholic clergy has anything at all to do with celibacy. The problem is just as bad—I repeat, just as bad—in the Church of England, most of whose clergy are married. It is worse in society at large.

All of these stories are items I merely stumbled upon. I do not setup Google News alerts or proactively search for these stories. They are merely stories I stumble upon online when reading the local news.

St. Joseph, most chase spouse of the blessed virgin, pray for us!

My anthology of child sex abuse stories for January 2015

In January, I decided to start cataloging news stories I happened across involving child sex abuse. The tally for January? Fourteen.

What prompted this was the Catholic church’s child sex abuse scandal and my recognition that it’s “not a Catholic problem.”

When the scandal broke 13 years ago, I was living a promiscuous, materialistic, selfish faggot lifestyle. I never felt animosity towards the Church before or after the scandal. Perhaps I felt some shame and embarrassment at what bishops and diocese did, covering things up, moving predator priests from parish to parish. But the scandal never lessened my respect for the Church, remarkable though that may seem.

Many of us have seen the same, tired old allegations that trolls leave in comment sections on secular and even non-secular media and blog sites whenever the Church is the topic. I lament, how many priestly vocations have been missed, willfully or through neglect, because of a fear of being perceived as a pedophile-in-waiting.

Many of us are also aware of what a small single digit percentage of all priests were involved, and that 80 percent of them were homosexual men preying on teenage boys. (Excellent statistics are available online.) But the enemies of the faith don’t want to talk about that. Certainly sodomites and their supporters don’t. Point that argument out that next time they talk about sodomite couples adopting.

The sensible man also realizes that child sex abuse scandals happen in all faiths, in all sects; Protestants, Jews (made the front page of Hell’s Bible last year), Muslims. Does anyone think no child was ever molested by an atheist? Never in 70 years of Russian communism was a child sexually abused?

It’s debatable whether I’m smarter than the average bear, but I do take a keen interest in the news in general. Throughout 2013 I noted how frequently I happened upon stories about child pornography or a teacher having an “inappropriate relationship” with a student. In 2014, I’m going to document those stories. For January, I found fourteen. I put them under the category Crimes on this blog.

They’re all stories I stumble upon. I don’t go looking for them. I don’t search the Chicago Tribune’s website for them. I don’t have Google News Alerts setup. (I’m afraid what that uncover about the severity of this issue!)

Even here in the heart of the Midwest, wholesome middle America, man lives a neo-pagan individualistic depraved lifestyle. No one wants to talk about it, no one will talk about it, no one will probably ever read this.

Yesterday was the first time in the month of February that I happened across child sex abuse stories. There were about four all in one day!

Lord have mercy on us. St. Maria Goretti, pray that we be granted the graces to achieve purity of body and mind.

Blog posts categorized as Crimes: HERE

No. As a man who battles an inherently disordered attraction to other men, I will note that I was never sexually abused as a child or teen, and I have NEVER had any attraction to children or teens!