WashPost story on Millennials and marriage

This Sunday morning, Amazon.com’s Washington Post tweeted a dusty three-day-old story about Millennials eschewing big weddings for small or no ceremonies, and “sharing” the wedding with friends and family via Facebook. The story’s headlined, “Forget the big wedding. More of today’s couples ‘include’ you through Facebook.

On the one hand, I was optimistic to see young people forgoing the pomp and materialism of what weddings have become. How many couples postpone marriage and cohabitant, fornicate, living publicly in sin, because they can’t “afford” to get married? Or at least, can’t afford what modern American culture tells them a proper wedding SHOULD be.

But the more I read on, the more apparent it became that things haven’t changed SO much — the marriage is still all about them, the couples, nay, the two individuals marrying.

Like their parents, Millennials view marriage as a contract, not a covenant. A man can enter into and terminate contracts, whereas a covenant only ends with the death of one or both parties. Marriage is about children. How do civilizations die? They stop having children. In summer 2016 the media reported that the US fertility rate’s fallen to its lowest point since record keeping began a hundred years ago.

Husband and wife are consecrated to a purpose above and beyond themselves, ... to populate earth and heaven

Husband and wife are consecrated to a purpose above and beyond themselves, … to populate earth and heaven

None of the Millennials profiled by Amazon married in an ecclesial community building, much less a Catholic Church. Instead they got married at courthouses or town halls.

Let me regale you with some of the more horrifying and telling quotes:

“We picked up the papers from the courthouse — it was really easy — and left to Starbucks”

“We didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. It was nice,” she says. “A little bit romantic even.”

“Weddings … aren’t really meant for you. They’re meant for your family and your friends”

And last but not least, the quote that would make any German bishop proud,

“The main point of a wedding is to ask people to support your journey”

So we may see more weddings as Millennials pare down the pomp and circumstance, but these are still a people who embrace abortion, contraception, redefining marriage to include men marrying men and women marrying women (but curiously not couples of three or more, or next of kin, or children, etc.).

Finally, I noted that writer Megan McDonough didn’t interview any homosexual or lesbian Millennial couples for this article. They dykes, I can see, would like going cheap on weddings. They’ve got several cats to keep fed, after all. Veterinarian visits aren’t cheap. But the homos love a big, fabulous bourgeois party.

Mazel tov, Millennials.


Washington Post suggests eugenics to end school poverty?

Below the fold on the front page of January 17th’s Washington Post is the headline, “Most public school students living in poverty.”

A mere three paragraphs into the story, we have this carefully chosen, carefully placed quote from an ivory tower academic:

“A lot of people at the top are doing much better, but the people at the bottom are not doing better at all. Those are the people who have the most children and send their children to public school.”

Get that, all you over-breeding women? Knock it off! You’re probably not white, and your tired, your poor, your huddled masses of children are threatening our nation’s future materialism! Flooding our schools with your filthy, lice-laced offspring. The nerve!

The rest of the article wrings its hands over how government needs to throw more money at the problem. But that third graf quote is code language. Code for what? Code for, “We must contracept and abort the poor out of existence to solve this.”

Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post and for all practical matters, owns this story’s reporter, Lyndsey Layton. They didn’t have to put a quote in the third graf, and they didn’t have to choose THAT quote, but they did, because it advances their diabolical agenda. Eugenicist and Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger isn’t spinning in her grave; she’s sitting up and applauding.

Nowhere does Layton’s story touch on moral, social, or even economic causes for the increase in poor children in public schools. We must acknowledge the collapse of fidelity to the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church are the ultimate cause of all this.

America is a radically secular pagan society where the individual and his selfish desires rule the roost. No one wants to talk about the breakdown of the family, the consequences of divorce and missing fathers; of parents who sacrificed their own educational opportunities to pursue selfish, fleeting earthly pleasures and who continue to prostate themselves before the altar of materialism.

Until America turns her heart and soul towards the Savior, and bows down in submission to the Bride of Christ, America’s children will remain poor and stupid, and its future, and the future of millions of souls, quite dark.