Football & the gender elephant in the room

Sitting here eating chips and salsa, watching Super Bowl L just for the commercials, it strikes me how this game is so masculine. Still.

All the players are men. All the coaching staff are men. The photographers on the sidelines? Men. The announcers? Men. That goes for most major sports. They are the domain of men.

All of that is kind of odd, given American culture’s disdain for men, for the masculine, for everything the masculine projects. With all the “equality” stuff in our culture, the I-can-sleep-with-anyone-and-don’t-judge-me, the I-can-be-any-gender-I-want-and-y0u-WILL-conform-to-my-fantasy, how oh how have major league sports, like the NFL, escaped?

Why aren’t Millennials boycotting the Super Bowl for not allowing women? Why aren’t Millennial teenage girls, or girls who think they’re boys, demanding the right to try out and MAKE their high school or college football teams? Why aren’t legions of bull dykes marching outside Levi Stadium demanding their “right” be play as defensive tackles? Why are there no female coaches in the NFL? Half of the US population has no part to play, literally play, in major league sports or events like the Super Bowl. Women are not “represented.” They are not being treated equally by “the patriarchal establishment” or whatever wording “the enlightened” are using nowadays.

I’m not saying I’m “pro-” women in major league sports. I don’t follow sports, I was never good at them, they bore me, there’s too much money involved, so it makes no difference to me if women play or not. But it’s peculiar that this industry’s thus far escaped the overarching cultural pressures on men to be less manly. Don’t you think?



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