Coming under spiritual attack

Maintaining purity of mind and body isn’t easy, and sometimes I fall off the wagon. But I get back up and go to confession.

What I’ve noticed lately, however, is that when I have managed to “sustain” that purity for a while, I start getting attacked with hateful thoughts. They come out of nowhere. I’ll be doing dishes and suddenly start thinking about people who rubbed me the wrong way, perhaps just once, perhaps even many years ago. Before I know it, I’m imagining things I could have said to them, or even physical violence I could have perpetrated against them. Then I snap out of it, embarrassed and horrified.

This never used to happen to me. Or perhaps it was, but I was too sullied with sin to realize it as wrong.

Is this the devil, inciting these thoughts? Knowing I’ve conquered temptations to impurity, he seeks out other weaknesses in my character?


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