The wasted potential of a water-obsessed nun

Exxon Mobil shareholders will vote on eight shareholder proposals at the company’s annual shareholder meeting in May 2015. Two of those eight proposals come from religious orders.

The Province of St. Joseph of the Capuchin Order in Milwaukee, it seems, have nothing better to do with their money, time, and energy than submit proposals that Exxon Mobil add a “climate expert” to its board of directors.

Meanwhile, the Sisters of St. Dominic of Caldwell New Jersey drafted a highly-detailed eight paragraph proposal to establish greenhouse gas emissions goals. The earth will perish. The soul is eternal. But nowadays the Order of Preachers seemingly cares more about the salvation of the former than the latter.

As I noted on The Twitters, an order’s probably doomed when its vocation Web page photos show no one under age 70.

Once upon a time, perhaps, a zeal for serving and preaching the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost drew Suzanne Golas to discern a vocation to religious life in the Dominican Sisters of Caldwell.

Nowadays, Sr. Golas’ only zeal is for… water.

The Sisters’ webpage links to their YouTube channel, where I took a pass on viewing their 27 minute “Beatitudes, Christ and the Practice of Yoga” video (I’d just eaten) and instead sat through all 25 minutes and 44 seconds of Sr. Golas, “Water Spirit” video.

It had nine views since it was posted in November 2014.

Apparently Sr. Golas established a pro-water interest group some years ago, called Water Spirit. You can Google it. In her 25 minute YouTube discourse, replete with high definition video and professional lighting and editing, Sr. referred to water as “sacred” two or more times. I only heard her mention God twice. There were no mentions of Our Lady, the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, or his Sacred Heart that I picked up on. No attempts to link water conservation to divine creation.

Sr. is clearly very intelligent and a gifted presenter. She knows her water. She’s passionate about water and made a persuasive case about how precious it is, its value. I live in Chicago, on the shores of Lake Michigan, one of the largest bodies of fresh water on earth. As bad as our winters are, good luck convincing me to move to drought-addled California. I’ll take a pass on New Jersey and its hurricanes too.

To understand the mystery of life, to understand who we are in this magnificent creation, is to understand the importance and the fragility of this one water supply.

Can you imagine how much Sr. Golas could have accomplished for Christ had she applied her zeal towards the conversion and salvation of souls? Sister, it’s never too late for conversion. Christ, through the ministry of his priests, washes away the sins of the penitent in the sacrament of confession. May God be with you, Sister.