I cataloged 21 child sex abuse news stories in March. None involved priests.

My non-scientific cataloging of child sex abuse news reports (including child pornography) for the month of March 2015 hit 21 stories.

Almost all of them were in the Chicago region.

None of them involved a Roman Catholic priest.

Five of the stories involved schools. That’s nearly 20 percent. As Patty Maguire Armstrong noted,

It has been reported that sexual abuse by teachers in public schools is “more than 100 times” that by Catholic priests. Yet there is little reporting on this but old allegations of abuse by Catholic priests keep getting rehashed.

Dr. William Oddie wrote at Crisis Magazine,

There is in fact absolutely no evidence whatsoever that child sex abuse perpetrated by Catholic clergy has anything at all to do with celibacy. The problem is just as bad—I repeat, just as bad—in the Church of England, most of whose clergy are married. It is worse in society at large.

All of these stories are items I merely stumbled upon. I do not setup Google News alerts or proactively search for these stories. They are merely stories I stumble upon online when reading the local news.

St. Joseph, most chase spouse of the blessed virgin, pray for us!