Chicago priest accuses governor of raping kids?

I was half-asleep watching the news Tuesday night or Wednesday night. But I was awake “enough” to take notice when Chicago Catholic priest Michael Pfleger appeared on the screen, SCREAMING at Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner,

“Stop raping the poor and our youth to balance your budget!”

Why is it that, when faithful bishops and clergy promote life or protecting the definition of marriage, they’re accused of crossing the line between Church and state,  and calls go out for the IRS to revoke their tax exemption?

Why is it that, when priests like Pfleger (I am not granting him the honorific “Father”) stand in a government plaza, accusing an elected leader of raping kids, or an archbishop announces immigration reform (which is politics, and controversial politics at that!), there is SILENCE about the separation of Church and state, SILENCE about the Church’s tax exemption?

I’ve had no luck finding video of Pfleger making the remarks. It was unsettling to Google the keywords “pfleger raping” and uncover an article ON PFLEGER’S PARISH WEBSITE. He cut-and-paste WLS-TV’s entire transcript and linked to their site where you can watch video. St. Sabina’s website includes the quote,

“But you’re not going to balance it by raping the poor.”

You can also find the “raping our youth” quote on the website of CopyLine.

Otherwise, there doesn’t seem to be anyone else taking notice. Maybe it’s because Plfeger’s full of so much hot air that no one pays attention anymore. Retired Cardinal George struggled to control him, even suspending Pfleger at one point. I don’t expect bishop Cupich to lift a finger.

St. John Vianney, pray for parish priests.