My anthology of child sex abuse stories for January 2015

In January, I decided to start cataloging news stories I happened across involving child sex abuse. The tally for January? Fourteen.

What prompted this was the Catholic church’s child sex abuse scandal and my recognition that it’s “not a Catholic problem.”

When the scandal broke 13 years ago, I was living a promiscuous, materialistic, selfish faggot lifestyle. I never felt animosity towards the Church before or after the scandal. Perhaps I felt some shame and embarrassment at what bishops and diocese did, covering things up, moving predator priests from parish to parish. But the scandal never lessened my respect for the Church, remarkable though that may seem.

Many of us have seen the same, tired old allegations that trolls leave in comment sections on secular and even non-secular media and blog sites whenever the Church is the topic. I lament, how many priestly vocations have been missed, willfully or through neglect, because of a fear of being perceived as a pedophile-in-waiting.

Many of us are also aware of what a small single digit percentage of all priests were involved, and that 80 percent of them were homosexual men preying on teenage boys. (Excellent statistics are available online.) But the enemies of the faith don’t want to talk about that. Certainly sodomites and their supporters don’t. Point that argument out that next time they talk about sodomite couples adopting.

The sensible man also realizes that child sex abuse scandals happen in all faiths, in all sects; Protestants, Jews (made the front page of Hell’s Bible last year), Muslims. Does anyone think no child was ever molested by an atheist? Never in 70 years of Russian communism was a child sexually abused?

It’s debatable whether I’m smarter than the average bear, but I do take a keen interest in the news in general. Throughout 2013 I noted how frequently I happened upon stories about child pornography or a teacher having an “inappropriate relationship” with a student. In 2014, I’m going to document those stories. For January, I found fourteen. I put them under the category Crimes on this blog.

They’re all stories I stumble upon. I don’t go looking for them. I don’t search the Chicago Tribune’s website for them. I don’t have Google News Alerts setup. (I’m afraid what that uncover about the severity of this issue!)

Even here in the heart of the Midwest, wholesome middle America, man lives a neo-pagan individualistic depraved lifestyle. No one wants to talk about it, no one will talk about it, no one will probably ever read this.

Yesterday was the first time in the month of February that I happened across child sex abuse stories. There were about four all in one day!

Lord have mercy on us. St. Maria Goretti, pray that we be granted the graces to achieve purity of body and mind.

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No. As a man who battles an inherently disordered attraction to other men, I will note that I was never sexually abused as a child or teen, and I have NEVER had any attraction to children or teens!