Heretic hairdresser priest lets dog chew on Bible

At the bottom of the Los Angeles Times on Friday, January 23, was a story on an aging hippie heretic priest who has left the One True Church to join a heretical ecclesial community called “Episcopalians.”

Let us pause for a moment and take note that Episcopalian Phillip Jenkins recently calculated that the last Episcopalian has been born. Basically, they’re SO loony left-wing that no one’s going to their services anymore and they’ll be extinct by the end of the century.

Perhaps a wave of septuagenarian conversions holds hope for them. LA Times reporter Kate Linthicum writes about how Father Richard Estrada just couldn’t take it anymore. The Catholic Church is just too mean and outdated and all that jibberjabber. She coos on and on about hwo Estrada is such an activist, such a man of the people, such a champion of immigrants and blah, blah, blah in vain attempt to whitewash Estrada’s heresy. He’s so concerned about everyone else, you see, such a model of self-denial. A paragon of absolute virtue.

But of course we all know that’s bullshit, and Estrada himself betrays the Potemkin Village with quotes like this:

“I saw a lot of people who were struggling,” he said. “I just felt like I don’t fit anymore. Maybe I’ve grown, or shrunk or whatever, but I just don’t fit. And I haven’t fit. So let’s be honest.”

It’s all about him!

And this:

“I should be retiring, not starting a new career,” he said, smiling as he puttered around the kitchen. “But I had to be true to myself. God is putting me places. He or She is in charge.”

He had to be true to himself, you catch that? Not conform oneself to Christ, or his Bride the Church, but himself. He is worshiping a false idol. Father Estrada worships himself.

One imagines Linthicum struggling to hold back laughter while typing this:

For all his bold activism, Estrada is a gentle presence, more comfortable listening to others than talking about himself.

Uh, yeah.

Thankfully the article doesn’t report any allegations of improprieties involving children, but there is this troubling revelation that calls into question Father’s sexuality:

Listening is a skill he acquired during his first career as a hairstylist in East L.A., where he would sometimes hear female clients recount stories of hardship and abuse.

Homosexuals have no business being in the priesthood. Pope Benedict XVI declared that, and I support it.

Pray for Father Estrada and for the conversion of all heretics, sinners (especially homosexuals), infidels, and non-believers.

Lastly, this gem of an observation was buried in the article, and I think it’s telling about how far Father’s fallen:

On a recent morning, his 2-year-old pit bull, Honey, was quietly gnawing on a Bible on the bed.