Fair and balanced: Illinois redefines marriage, TV reporter grins

Recently, I shared how Chicago television station WBBM-TV sent its “chief correspondent” Jay Levine to Springfield to cover a redefine marriage rally with a live report. The next day, pro-marriage advocates rallied. Chicago’s newspapers noted the critical role that black legislators were playing in protecting marriage. Did WBBM-TV send its chief correspondent to cover this pro-marriage rally? No. Did they send anyone? Doesn’t look like it. WBBM’s 6pm and 10pm newscasts showed video, only about three or four clips, of middle-aged white people praying. They didn’t interview anyone. They didn’t show any blacks. Their 10pm newscast made brief mention of the role of the black caucus — but their 6pm newscast didn’t. Fast forward to when Illinois’ General Assembly passed a gay “marriage” law. WBBM sent Levine back to Springfield for a live report. Levine had an approving grin on his face as he interviewed a sodomitical marriage supporter live on the air. There was a time when journalists were journalists, and strove for at least the appearance of being impartial.

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