@latimes front page article enslaves Africans to promote atheism

Imaginary conversation in the Los Angeles Times’ editor’s office:

“Those people are fighting again. You know, the coloreds.”

“Well, sigh, I supposed we should do a token story to acknowledge it. We ARE supposed to be journalists after all. Even if covering those homophobic monkeys won’t sell us a single paper!”

(All laugh)

We must pray for an end to the fighting in the Central African Republic. His Holiness himself has appealed for peace in the country.

What are they fighting over? The Los Angeles Times, on the surface, tried to “investigate” in a front page story today. But their real agenda is obvious: enslave Africans to promote an anti-religious, atheist agenda. We’ve tweeted about the Los Angeles Times anti-Catholic front page stories numerous times. Let’s examine today’s demonic propaganda.

The subtitle:

“It’s them. It’s the Muslims,” voices screamed. “We’re going to cut them up.”

The introductory paragraph:

Christians are a “mob.” Muslims are “refugees.” Young Christian man carries a grenade. Defenseless Muslim mother gathers her daughters and prays. Ladies and gentlemen? Our victims and our villains are established!

The body:

A few paragraphs in, reporter Alexandra Zavis reluctantly reveals that it WAS NOT the Christians who started all this:

An alliance of rebel groups, made up mostly of Muslims from the northeast and neighboring Chad and Sudan, accused the government of reneging on a power-sharing agreement. Although it had no clear political agenda, the heavily armed alliance, known as the Seleka, seized control. For months, its fighters terrorized citizens.

While everyone suffered, Christians and animists felt most threatened.

Then follows victim/aggressor back-and-forth schmiel. Christians doing very un-Christian things. You start the get the sense that “religion is bad.” That’s that goal of this piece; not to draw attention to the CAF civil war but to enslave poor, “uncultured,” third-world colored people in a campaign to repeat the lie that all wars are caused by religion, religions are bad, blah blah blah.

Burying the lede

We finally get to the REAL reasons behind this civil war more than halfway into the article:

The region traditionally has been mixed. Largely Christian and animist farming villages are interspersed with towns where Muslims made up much of the merchant class.

Herders, also predominantly Muslim, move their cattle through the area. There is long-standing tension between them and their Christian neighbors: Poor farmers resent the comparative wealth of Muslim traders and say the cattle trample their crops; herders accuse the farmers of stealing cows.

See that? This ISN’T a conflict between irrational religions folks whose belief in flying spaghetti monsters is holding them back from owning the iPhone 5s and lesbian “marriage.” It’s about jealousy and envy.


We must pray for peace and conversion of hearts, especially Christians, in the Central African Republic. We must pray for the conversion of Los Angeles Times Editor Davan Maharaj and reporter Alexandra Zavis.

The article accomplished its mission. This comment was left at the bottom. (What are the chances that “revolting” is a member of the Times’ editorial staff?)



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