@suntimes brags about manufacturing rather than reporting news on Catholics, sodomy

I don’t know if Chicago Slum-Times “reporter” Brian Slodysko is Catholic. I don’t know if she cares passionately about the salvation of souls, or tosses and turns at night, agonizing over desecration or unworthy reception of the Holy Eucharist.

In a story she allegedly wrote on the Slum-Times’ website November 18, headlined, “Cardinal mum about three prominent Dems — Quinn, Madigan, Cullerton — backing gay marriage” Miss Slodysko brags about trying to provoke Francis Cardinal George, Archbishop of Chicago and proceeds to throw a passive-aggressive temper tantrum when he doesn’t take the poison bait:

…the normally outspoken leader of Chicago Catholics had little to say about three prominent elected leaders — Catholics themselves — who championed the measure.

“What’s the point of talking?” George told a Sun-Times reporter Sunday after Mass at St. Genevieve Parish, on the city’s West Side.

He made the comment after being asked specifically whether he would seek to deny communion to the trio of Chicago Democrats: Gov. Pat Quinn, who’s expected to sign the bill into law this week, as well as House Speaker Michael Madigan or Senate President John Cullerton.

Further commentary would be “creating a story of good guys and bad guys,” the cardinal said, adding that he feels his words are “sliced up without nuance.”

Yes, Your Eminence. Creating a story of good and bad guys is exactly what Miss Slodysko was doing.

If one wanted to write a serious story about denying the Eucharist to Catholic politicians espousing heresy and legalizing sinful behavior,  you’d write about that. You’d mention the controversy over that elsewhere nationwide, if not worldwide. You’d Google it and reach out to people like Father John Zuhlsdorf or canon lawyers. You’d talk to multiple sources, something Miss Slodysko failed to do, and that’s a pretty biggie in journalism circles, as I understand it. Did I mention her newspaper is bankrupt, fired all its photographers and makes its reporters take pictures with their iPhones, and that their website got hacked this weekend?

It wasn’t hard to find the Cardinal because he posts his schedule on the archdiocese’s website. It indicated he’d be at St. Genevieve’s for the Feast of Divine Providence. But Miss Slodysko never mentioned that, and only gave passing mention to the homily, bemoaning His Eminence’s failure to be a big, bad meanie in not mentioning sodomy.

So it’s clear that she stalked and then staked out the Cardinal to confront him and provoke him into making “controversial” remarks. When she didn’t get what she wanted, she threw (wrote?) a tantrum about this “normally outspoken leader.” The whole piece is a hit job trying to undermine the Cardinal’s (and by extension the Church’s, and therefore Christ’s) reputation by pointing out perceived inconsistencies and even mentions the KKK!

Homosexuals and lesbians are estimated to be what, two to three percent of the population? But in a city of 2,715,000,000 people, the murder capital of the USA where one in five residents lives in poverty under the most corrupt local government in America, the most important thing Sun-Times CEO Timothy Knight can do on a Sunday morning is send a reporter to Mass to try and bully a prince of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

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