Same sex “marriage” and hetero polyamorous relationships

Forget government shutdowns, the top story on this morning is headlined, “Open relationships growing among couples.” Creeping incrementalism at work. Polyamory is the “next wave” in the redefinition of marriage.

I’ve always thought the push for “gay marriage” was odd because gay men are not monogamous. One of the topics I hope to explore over time with this blog is, “Things gay men won’t talk about in polite company.”

Men with same sex attraction are overwhelmingly sluts. Gay men cheat on their boyfriends. It’s almost expected. I never did. But I had boyfriends tell me, “You will eventually,” not because of my character, but simply because I was a gay man. “Open relationships” are common even among “committed” gay couples.  They have “don’t ask, don’t tell” agreements or “only play together” with a third guy. Honestly I couldn’t tally up how many sex partners I’ve had, and that’s not something I’m proud of. A friend once confided that he’d had 60 partners by age 19 – and this was in the late 90s, before widespread Internet usage made hooking up REALLY easy. Is it any wonder that AIDS tore through gay men in the 1980s like a tornado in a trailer park?

I am the product of a committed relationship. My parents have a wonderful marriage. The thought of my dad cheating is inconceivable, as is the thought of them divorcing. Raised in that environment, with a solid understanding of what a relationship between two (not three, or 10) people should be, I got clothes-lined when I tried dating guys.

Some would say I’m just bitter, or self-loathing, or whatever. I accept the Church’s teaching that my same sex attraction is not in itself sinful, but IS inherently disordered, and that acting on that attraction, in thought or deed, is sinful and evil. I’ve lived that lifestyle, I know its consequences first-hand. There’s nothing “happy” about it. It’s a lie. Two individuals with inherently disordered tendencies do not a relationship make, sanctioned by the state or not. A society that redefines marriage is sawing off the very branch it’s sitting on.

Carry your cross with obedience, as Christ did. Pray for the conversion of sinners, and as our pontiffs have reminded us, always have hope.Image