Media abandoning all pretenses of objectivity re: marriage stories? @cbschicago leads way

Is the media abandoning all pretenses of objectivity when it comes to reporting on efforts to rape the definition of marriage to include man-man, woman-woman, polygamous, polyamorous, incestuous, and adult-child relationships?

Witness WBBM-TV in Chicago, where “CBS 2 Works for You” except when it comes to providing basic journalism, like, both sides to a story.

Reporter Jay Levine provides a stunningly one-sided account of a “marriage equality” rally in Illinois’ capitol city Springfield. There were no interviews with anyone who opposed redefining marriage. None! What’s more, this was just a rally. There isn’t even a vote scheduled in the state’s General Assembly. There was no actual news. NOTHING HAPPENED.

You can’t even lay all the blame on the reporter. He probably had a producer working with him. And the newscast itself had a producer and executive producer. There was an assignment editor who assigned Levine this story. And surely a news director signed off on the time and expense of sending the station’s “top” reporter several hours away from Chicago to cover this non-event.  There was a deliberate, conscious choice to brand this story as “marriage equality” instead of “gay” or “sodomitical” or “homosexual” marriage. This was a systematic effort with multiple opportunities for multiple parties to ensure a balanced story was being told. But it didn’t happen, and there’s a reason for that, a very dark reason.

I’ll save my scribe on the media being a tool of Satan for another post. In the meantime, I’ll take consolation in the fact that nobody saw this story because WBBM’s newscast is in last place. THAT works for me, CBS 2.