Obama Democrats attacked GOP candidate for being… gay

Fun with politics this afternoon and “pulling back the curtain” on some hypocrisy.

Carl DeMaio is a gay Republican who ran for mayor of San Diego and lost.

During the campaign, a group called “Conservatives for Gay Rights Supporting Carl DeMaio for Mayor 2012” did some gay-baiting robo calls. The San Diego Union-Tribune also reports,

The group also spent $5,000 to print and distribute campaign literature that included a photo of DeMaio hugging another man and another of him standing next to what appears to be a drag queen. Its tag line: “We conservatives know that liberty means that someone can pick a partner of their choice. We commend Carl on his conservative policies and exercising his liberties.”

But it turns out, that “Conservatives for Gay Rights” group was not conservative at all. And now an ethics commission is levying fines. 

The Ethics Commission investigation revealed that Democratic consultant Jesus Cardenas and Cynara Velazquez, a Democratic organizer with ties to medical marijuana advocacy groups, directed the group’s activities. Cardenas’ company, Innovation Media Group, received tens of thousands of dollars last year for its work on behalf of the San Diego County Democratic Party. 

Obama Democrats playing Chicago-style dirty tricks against one of their core constituencies (the gays). Hope. Change. Forward.